How I Made My B450 + Ryzen 3000 Work (MSI B450 Carbon + 3700X Success Story)


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It’s been a rough start for early adapters of Ryzen 2, especially those who planned on using older boards like the B450 and X470 since the BIOS of those processors aren’t cooperating nicely with the new hardware. Luckily, I got mine to work! If you’re having problems, you can try the stuff I did here and maybe it’ll help you as well.

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  1. This is great. I subbed. I was planning also planning my first AMD build. With the MSI B450 Pro Carbon and Ryzen 5 3600 or 2600 maybe. Keep up sir!! 💕❤️👌

  2. PLEASE HELP!!! I am so desperate ==>> Solved! Look in the end of comment.

    By the way, nice video, but I was expecting more trouble based on my experience and what I read on forums.

    Just got Ryzen 3400G and MSI B450m Bazooka Plus, all new. Did the last BIOS update (B90AMSv1B, launched Feb 2020, I think) as recommended in MSI website and manual, then installed CPU and parts (2xRAM Kllisre 8GB 2666MHz DDR4, HD, Ssd, PSU KCASS Aerocool 400W). Had already tested RAM, Hd and Ssd at friends house, all good. Connected all cables correctly, HDMI from monitor to motherboard (Ryzen 3400G has integrated RadeonVega), push button and…

    No posting. All fans work, and debug led 'CPU' turns on from the beginning, does not blink, just steadily and forever on. Dont have speakers, so dont know about 'beeps'. Monitor says "cable not conected"

    Reset CMOS and updated with B90AMSv17 (first update for 3rd generation Ryzen compatibility, July 2019), and same result. Tried it all from foruns:
    -use only one RAM, try different slots;
    -clear CMOS and update B90AMSv16 (preparation for Ryzen next gen, June 2019) and B90AMSv17 im sequence;
    -turn on and fastly turn PSS switch off/on;
    -disconect pair of Reset pins and try;

    Nothing worked. Tomorrow gonna try clear CMOS and install all seven updates in sequence, culmulatively (from B90m10 to B90m17).

    Removed CMOS battery all night to ensure clearing CMOS, then changed the memmory to same model and brand, but a unit from a colleague that had not functioned in his ASROCK and Ryzen 1600. Worked like a charm! And it happens the default BIOS version was already B90AMSv17.

    Now I am going to do all updates after this one, sequentially and culmulatively, and see if it works with my own memmories.

    Fucking memories man, had seen many people reporting it as as problem, even with the specs (2666, DDR4, 8GB in my case) reported as compatible in motherboard website. Weird thing is that only difference from my colleague memmory and mine was the color (his is green and mine black) of the circuit board they were printed. And furthermore, he had bought 2 equal units and only one worked, he thought it was broken and had even been refunded already. So he lent me, after trying almost everything I used his memmory instead of mine (just recalling, same brand model and seller), it worked just like witchcraft.

  3. Thankfully I found this. I have the same motherboard and cpu coming this week and I will see if I have to replicated or I got a late model board.

  4. My system is B450 Pro carbon AC, R5 3600, Wrath Max cooler(previous comp was an FX8350), 2 x 8gb Corsa vengeance LPX 3000 CL16 memory, 500watt Corsa 80+ bronze power supply, Corsa MP500 m.2, Seagate 2TB HD & RX580 nitro +.
    I had the R5 3600 on launch day so I've seen all the issues well mostly lack of them however, Initial issues were the compter if it went to sleep would not reboot without me removing the power cable for 30 secs so I turned off sleep and just turned it off when not using it. September bios fixed this but the voltage was a bit high November bios 7B85v1B fixes voltage and now idles at sub 1v and max's at 1.33v all core 4.1.
    The computer is currently clocked to 4.3 boost only as I wanted it to idle on the base clock. Ram is clocked to 3200 cl16.
    I have no issues at all with 7B85v1B bios it's brilliant also very important to make sure you have the latest chipset drivers this made a huge difference as well. The carbon didn't seem to suffer the same issue as the tomahawk and only has 5 bios update from launch unlike to tomahawk
    Temps on-air ar idle depends on room temp but 39 to 43 game load 52 to 55 max load 71 to 75

  5. Bro,need advice here.I'm using same mobo n same proc too.But in idle mode,my CPU temp is 50c.For info,i'm using AIO 240 cooler..What is ur idle temp?

  6. i dont have that flash bios button. my bios are already updated and the dram light is on and no post and keyboard and mouse dont turn on..

  7. Im on gaming pro carbon B450 with 2600x running ryzen balanced plan and leaving everything on auto boost for about half a year now and it has been working fantastic! Yes voltage is at 1.4v+ on idle but doesnt post problems for me. I believe this is the stock settings for ryzen and it should downvolt when u are doing intensive workloads

  8. I have msi b450 gaming pro carbon ac with ryzen 2600. Everything is fine but it post very late. I have western digital sn750 ssd. When i start my pc only vga led blink for a second untill pc won't post to my monitor. After that vga led stops.

  9. You lucky, I have a B450-i +Ryzen3700X and have no display when I turn the power on 🙁
    I can't access the bios in any way

  10. I see that your motherboard has amd4 Socket "Lotes", but my motherboard came with socket Foxconn, anybody has Foxconn socket too?
    Maybe that's the reason why I cannot get dimm b channel to work.


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