How to Add Video Background to Multiple Slides in PowerPoint


How to Add Video Background to Multiple Slides in PowerPoint
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Let’s say you have 5 slides in your presentation and you want to have a video running in a background through all of those slides. How would you do it? This video will show you how, enjoy 🙂

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  1. 🔥🔥Hi, would you like to learn more? 😁👍Here you can watch more tutorials ✅

  2. I really appreciated this tutorial, thank you. Found this particular music background track annoying as heck… but I stuck it out so that I could learn the technique. Because you’re sharing your skills, I’m able to do cooler things for my company!

  3. Thank you for this wonderful video! Please be advised, that grouping objects in a powerpoint slide only works if you use blank slides and create text boxed / image frames yourself or, as you did, copy it elsewhere and insert it. It does not work with any other layout that "blank", the grouping feature will be grayed out.

  4. Thank you for all your work and videos. It has been so much fun to see the reactions on my friends faces when I show up with presentations that they call, on a completely other level. I am also began to make my own stuff, with the skills I have learned from you.

    Thank you so much.

  5. Thank you very much for your tutorial. I found the instructions very clear and understandable, and i learned some new things as well, such as the selection pane options. May God bless you abundantly for sharing your skills with us Amein 🙂

  6. This title is very misleading. This is not putting a video on multiple slides, it's just a time-consuming workaround to move multiple slides to one slide that has been possible for at least a decade.

  7. That's great tutorial brother but for me I will try to download this app thank you so much for sharing this video with us God bless

  8. Great work
    Thank you for sharing
    Looove it
    You might want to consider producing this tutorial as free course on udemy tjen offer other longer version as paid courses
    Its really cool
    God Bless

  9. Hi One Skill – nice video, but can I do this same process with Youtube embeded videos? I'm streaming UHD 4K and potentially Widescreen 21:9, but as I cannot send the video Back the text animation doesn't appear – anyone with a solution?

  10. how to remove the playback tab at the video during slide show, i dont want it to appear when i move my mouse during presentation.


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