How to back up iPhone messages


In this tutorial, we show you how to back up iPhone messages.

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  1. I bought the copytrans and activated copytrans contacts, but it stays on loading sms messages for hours and nothing ever shows up. What am I doing wrong?

  2. sooo I tried to back it up for the second time(it worked perfectly the first time). Only Problem is that it has all of my messages shown except the last few weeks of messages… Any help?

  3. Plz help..

    I purchased new iPhone and i have WhatsApp account android phone. I want to get my all conversation in y new iPhone.. but there is no way to restore whatsapp back up data from android platform to iOS.. 

    Android uses google drive and iOS uses iCloud.. i have backed up in google drive in my old android phone, uninstalled in android, installed in iPhone but shocked to see that it restores only from iCloud…

    Totally helpless… Isn't there any way to get my old data frm android to iOS even in the time of technical advancement???????

    Plz don't disappoint me…


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