How To Backup and Restore Games From Your Steam Library


So you bought a new computer or just want to find a way to backup on Steam in case something happens to your current computer.
Well in this video I will be showing you how to backup and restore games from your Steam library.

Note: If you want to restore games individually, you will have to back them up one at a time. If you back them up all at once they will all have to be restored in bulk.

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  1. You just saved me. Broke my gta v modding but got it back working. Thanks man!
    p.s. i love that you still reply to comments on this video despite it's age. Thanks and stay safe bro

  2. Can i backup GTA 5 i have purchased in my steam account but due to low speed i cant so if i choose DVD will it be completed?

  3. thanks guy, this still works even after 5 years. For those using windows, the location is different: top left corner should be "steam",and 4 down on that menu is "backup/restore"

  4. *StikeTech
    You can't backup a whole video game on to a 4.7 DVD, it does not have the room capacity, and all you are backing up is the link to that game. A high-end video game is about 21GB and you will need a flash drive that can hold at least 21GB of memory.

  5. Very good video. This is simple and made me understand without having to think much. Appreciated, good work !!!

  6. Hello

    Once I have finished Backing Up the files, can I still play the games, with it also saving my progress in both locations. Hope that makes sense.

  7. thx :). and also question. when i log into my steam on a new computer my library is empty. what if i bought some games do i have to buy them again or does it just say download instead of buy when i go to the store?

  8. wow thanks so much! on the website it doesn't say how to do it on mac, and of course i didn't look at the top bar

  9. Does your local content stay with your backed up games? so you know, could i delete the local content with no concern??

  10. That's actually so insanely useful and time saving I am amazed Steam doesn't advertise it more. Thanks for the info mate. Awesome vid!


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