How To Backup And Restore WordPress From Cpanel


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How To Backup And Backup WordPress From Cpanel
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In this tutorial, I will show you how to backup WordPress from Cpanel and then how to restore it.

You can use plugins to do this as well, but there are two reasons why it’s good to know other ways to back up.

First, many backup plugins are limited by the file size they will backup for free. If your site is larger than the limit you’ll have to get the Pro version of the plugin.

Second, I believe it’s always best to know how things work before you look for the “easy way” to do things because the “easy way” doesn’t always work.
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  1. Is there a way I might be able to extract and view posts from a backup file without actually restoring? My website was reconfigured and its contents were not put back in but I have the backup file and want to be able to browse through the backup files. Is there a way to do this?

  2. Oh boy ! i forgot and deleted the database name and when i tried to upload it nothing was working ! luckily i create a new database and username with the same info in php.config and it finally worked fine Wheeeew ! thanks a lot ! now the question is if i want to take my webiste from a live server to xampp ( local host ) so i can edit the website in my computer before i upload it again to the live server

  3. Nice videos. Do you have a video on how to install WordPress from cpanel, upload a free WordPress template and edit the site?

  4. I see why you are like an undefeated champion at 61-0 likes. Now you are 62-0. Great video and easy to understand. Thanks!

  5. Find a host with Softaculous. the backup-process is much easier and safe than this video.

  6. Thanks Bjorn very helpful tutorial in my case I think Siteground doesn't use cpanel any more my Siteground hosting is different from you, how do I back up in my case? Thank you again

  7. Bjorn, another great tutorial!!! Easy to follow instructions – NO plugins needed. I'm always excited to get your new video notifications!!!

  8. i really enjoy your tutorials. you're a great instructor and you don't add cheesy music, which is a plus for me. i'm going to try this method. currently i use All-in-One Migration and Updraft Plus. they both work great but when i do a restore, i'm expecting everything to be wiped out and replaced by the restore file but this is not the case. have you used either of those and is this cpanel method your go-to backup/restore method? with your method, i know i'll get a perfect restore because i'm replacing the entire folder. you mentioned that it's not possible to zip via FTP, but actually it IS possible. i use Transmit (Mac) and after setting up SFTP, i can send commands to zip and extract – pretty cool! lastly: at 9:09 after restoring the DB, you said it "looks pretty similar to what we had before" but i think you meant to say that it looks EXACTLY like it did when it was backed up, right? thanks for the great tutorial!

  9. Great tutorial Bjorn as always. You explained it all great. I had a similar situation when I had to manually backup the site with all the data in the database, but after the backup some plugins stopped working. I hat to install some of the plugins all over again. Could it be that the newer version of the "PHP" caused this problem. Yesterday I got a mail from my provider, they informed that I have to upgrade to PHP version 7.2 and I have to do it manually, but if I don't do it manually they will do it for me automatically. If any problems appear with the plugins or some other functionalities I can revert to PHP 7.1. Have you encountered any problems with PHP 7.2? If you have, could you please explain what problems have you encountered. Thanks 🙂

  10. cPanel doesn't exist at SiteGround anymore with "new" customers. I recently purchased 2 packages, and was told they have their "custom" panel setup now, and it's not so bad.


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