How to Backup Data to Network Attached Storage NAS


How to Backup Data to Network Attached Storage NAS

Backing up your data is very important and AOMEI Backupper is a free program you can use to do just that. AOMEI Backupper can Backup, Sync, Restore and Clone your Windows system and crucial data and necessary applications with ease. In this video i will show you how you can use this free program to backup your data to a NAS drive. These are now very affordable and a great way of backing up and storing your data safely

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  1. Hi what backup program will backup the files to another location so you can browse just like the orig without having to restore.

  2. I was hoping you would show anything (even a foolish picture) that was backed up. I'm looking to be able to back up my data and look at it. When I hear restore, I think of restoring the data back on to my computer that may already be full. I would like to access the data (pictures/files…etc) and look at that data that is in the NAS without restoring it back on my computer.

    Does the NAS have it's own operating system? How do I look at what's in the NAS without restoring it back to my already full computer. I see that it appears as a drive in your system. I'm guessing I can access the files another drive?

  3. Personally, I like a FREE program called SyncBack (it's like Microsoft Sync Toy on steroids). SyncBack allows me to set up profiles to back up my various data from my PC to my NAS, as well as from my Windows Home Server to my NAS (which programs like the one you're currently demo'ing won't do). Some files/folders are set to backup nightly, while others are backed up only weekly as they don't change on a daily basis. Maybe you might consider creating a creating a video of how folks might use that .

  4. Hi Brian, Can you please make video how to make a clone from AOMEI Backupper. Nice and easy program to use and enjoy watching the video.


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