How to Backup Emails, Calendar, and Contacts from Outlook 2010 and Outlook 2007


In this tutorial, we will cover how to backup your emails, calendar, contacts, and other items from Outlook 2010 and Outlook 2007. This process will allow you to recover lost data in the event of a hardware failure or virus.



  1. Hello everyone! Is there anyway to make outkook store every mail in a separate archive? in my company there's a backup software wich backsup our pcs if it finds any difference with what it previously had, and everytime it reads the outkook files, and I've received even just one mail since yesterday, it backs up all the whole file again, since it is storaged in one large archive. I've heard that thunderbird for example stores mails separately (that way, the software would only back up those few kb of those mails and NOT the whole thing), is there anyhow to make Outlook do that? please help. The constant back up is driving me nuts. thanks!

  2. My Outlook 2010 was getting stuck as soon as I was clicking on finish (while Exporting the Items). Had even tried restarting the client plenty of times but the problem still persisted. To overcome this issue I exported all the mails, journals, calendar tasks using Stellar Phoenix OST to PST Converter( ) and then simply imported all the items in my new laptop using the newly created PST.

  3. HELPFUL VIDEO… but is someone stuck at any step just call to official toll free number 1-844-711-1008…. thankyou #savetime

  4. Really great, easy to understand, hope you write more on different subjects that are mostly needed since so many videos etc. don't work and can't understand.

  5. Toll Free (1-855-227-3084) number to resolve any of difficulties facing in Gmail/Outlook/Yahoo/Hotmail, our Technical Managers will assist you.

  6. This was very helpful and works!! I go back to it every 3 months or so to remind me how to do it. Keep posting helpful video. THANKS!!!

  7. Huh? Who wants to export? This is an export not a backup! I don't want to do this once a month. I want my software to handle this process – automate.

  8. This was great, thank you. Now, after I have restored my PC to it's original configuration, how do I import this data back into Outlook?


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