How to Backup Operating System and Applications in Windows 10


How to backup the operating system and applications in Windows 10 to an external hard drive.

Last year we created a hugely successful video called:
“How to backup your files and folders to an external hard drive in Windows 10”

If you’ve not seen that video, you can get it here

Lots of people have commented on that video and asked how they can take this a step further and backup their applications and the operating system itself.

That type of backup is called an “Image” and the good news is that you can do this for free in Windows 10.

If you watch this video, we’ll show you exactly how!

Don’t forget, keep those requests for IT videos coming. We’re always looking to help people with IT issues by creating free content. If it helps one person, it might help lots more!

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  1. Thank you for this video. I'm wondering what is the difference in what you are demonstrating and making a recovery drive? I made a recovery drive and I included the system files to the drive, so I should be able to reinstall windows. Is that the same goal as the process you are demonstrating? Thank you.

  2. If you have a problem with your computer, and you do a back-up as part of the repair procedure, how do you know that you're not just backing up the problem as well?

  3. Hi, My system has genuine windows 10.1 OS. I actually want to format my system. Before that I would like to take back-up of my OS. Can you help me to take OS back-up?

  4. what if i want to do a system image backup and i have an ssd and hdd ? will it be ok to back it all up on to one external hdd?

  5. So if i need to use this image, then i change BIOS settings to boot from a USB diskette, but since my external hard drive has other folders and files, can it be found?

  6. Umm… I don't have a control panel option when I right click.
    Nevermind, it popped up when I typed "uninstall" into Cortana, super confused.

  7. You published "How to back up your windows 10 PC to an external hard drive" and now you have "How to back up operating system and applications in windows 10" Which one do I use to restore my PC when it crash?

  8. excuse me
    if i want to restore those all data include the OS and the applications in Windows 10 from an external hard drive, what should i do then?
    i hope you will reply
    btw it's nice-useful video 🙂

  9. ok so once I have done all the steps in this video, how do I actually load an exzact image of my old HDD onto my new HDD, having nothing but trouble


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