How To BackUp Or Migrate Your WordPress Website 2018


Do you want to backup. migrate, or clone your wordpress website? In this video ill show you how you can backup your wordpress website for free!

There is a free plugin you can download called all in one wpmigration that can take your current wordpress website and migrate or clone it on to another domain! Make sure to give this a try!

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  1. I used Softaculous installer for staging and cloning. I don't know if this is new, but I noticed it has great extra features like staging and cloning. After I installed WordPress – I went back to the install screen and noticed some icons appeared for staging and cloning at the bottom. I used the staging feature and installed an identical replica on a folder – I could have used a sub-domain but installing it on a folder kept my SSL. After this install a new icon appeared to push back my changes to the main site. I never noticed this before but it does the job perfectly in a few clicks. Not sure if this feature is available on all hosts, but my host has it available via Softaculous.

  2. What if you use the same webhost and domain for both websites (ex: and, when you migrate demo1 website to demo2's location, you still need to create a new MySQL database for demo2 otherwise both websites will share the same database right?

  3. Hi Darrel, great video. I'm about to try to move a Divi site on a sub domain to my live site and want to use this plugin. First thing is, I think the new site will be over the size limit and also I here there might be a problem with this plugin and Hostgator where my new site is. Can you throw any light on this for me please. Any help would be very much appreciated. Terry.

  4. It's work just for single website, >> This plugin for "multisite or multi-network" isn't active just installed, it is not appear on Dashboard. If I buy pro version, is it work???

  5. It now says you can import up to 64 mb. You need to install the extension plugin then upload and activate it. So it becomes import up to 512mb as in video.

  6. Hi Darrel,
    Could you please help us in migrating {Replacing} the word press theme for an existing website without any error?


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