How to Backup & Restore iPhone using iTunes [2018] – Step-By-Step!


Learn how to Backup and Restore iPhone using iTunes step by step, in this tutorial. Backup and Restore iPhone process can be confusing sometimes. I tried making it easy. This tutorial will also help you to move photos, messages etc. to new iPhone. So, I hope restoring iPhone from backup shouldn’t be an issue for you after watching this tutorial.

➤ Learn Encrypted & Non-Encrypted backup difference here:
[How to Backup iPhone]

So, I hope this tutorial helps to learn How to Backup and Restore iPhone using iTunes.

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➤ How to Backup and Restore iPhone using iTunes?

1. First, to restore your iPhone you need to back it up to iTunes. You can tap on BACK UP NOW button to backup iPhone. Also, checkout my tutorial [link above] ‘How to Backup iPhone to Computer’ which beautifully explains the difference between Encrypted and Non-Encrypted backup.

2. Once your iPhone is backed up to iTunes, you can tap on RESTORE button to start restoring your iPhone. Always choose the latest backup before restoring.

I hope this step by step Backup and Restore iPhone tutorial will be helpful.
Also, do not forget to checkout my another tutorial, How to Backup iPhone! [Link above]
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  1. Updated Tutorial: 🎬
    👉🏼🛑Friends, here is the updated video which shows how to backup old iPhone to computer and restore that data to new iPhone. If you face any issue while transferring your data, you can ask me your questions here and I'll try to help you! Also, please do not forget to watch other useful tutorials on channel.

    If this video helped, please write THANK YOU ❤️ down in the comments below, as a token of appreciation.

    Cheers 😄✌🏼

  2. Whenever I restore it takes time to restore and when the restore is complete it shows an error that restore was unsuccessful kindly help me

  3. Hi, i have a question. If backup to my computer, did whatsapp data will backup and stay same after restore ? Thank you 😊

  4. my phone said restore in progress and then it got out of it bc it said i have no storage but i’m doing this so i can have storage!!

  5. I have a problem. Everything goes fine until the restore process is completed, but once finished, instead of being restored, a messsage saying "iphone couldn´t be restored due to an error", and I dont know why and i´ve tried a couple times already

  6. I tried but it doesn't work with the newest version of iTunes, any idea how to restore with the newest version of iTunes? thx

  7. Or is there a chance that iTunes says my backup was corrupt because it was done by a device on IOS 10.3.3 and I want to restore that backup on the same device but now it’s on IOS 13.3?

  8. Hi I just found out that my iTunes back files on pc were mixed for some reasons. Maybe because when I tried to restore my phone using my backup I disconnected my phone in the middle of it because my pc was being full of storage.
    After I deleted my old backups and free some space it says your backup was corrupt when I try to restore. Then I notice that it made a new file about 60 gb on my pc then day I was trying to backup first. I think there’s a high chance that my data is mixed with that for example in my main data it starts from 4a while it should start from 00
    Is there anyways that I can fix this backup by manually copying missing files to my main file? I really need help with this because I don’t wanna lose my data 4 years ago thank you very much!

  9. Will this also work if you backup your data first before you change your apple id bc i heard that if you change your apple id you will lose everything except contacts but i dont want to lose everything and start all over again in my games

  10. Hi informative video thanks ….I have 100gb of podcasts on my SE that I don’t want on my new to me X …is there a way I can choose what gets restored ?

  11. Generally good but the first most important point that most of the 'here's how' videos have neglected to say is that your iphone and your computer must be fully charged first! if you can up date this, 5 stars from me. Good luck with the Friendly Vikas channel, which is a better name than AppleFrendly anyway!


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