How to Backup Your Old iPad and Restore to iPad Air


I show you how to backup your iPad using iCloud, and then how to restore your backup to another iPad. In this video I backup my iPad Air and then turn the iPad Air 2 on for the first time, and restore from iCloud backup. When the iPad Air 2 finishes restoring, it looks exactly the same as the iPad Air. It even has the same wallpaper, apps, and photos.

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  1. I have used icould to restore to new iPad how do get old iPad off th grid also do I need to sine out fo things on old iPad before wiping clean? thank you, Cheers!

  2. I play fortnite and I’m changing my device and I’m wondering we’ll thus goes for all games will u have all your stuff still in the game like your settings the same and all your game money?…

  3. Does this restore ALL your apps? 'Cause I've been thinking about buying a new iPad but the problem is that I don't know whether or not it restores my screen writing celtx as well seeing as it's not available to be selected in cloud section

  4. I bought a new ipad and did the automatic transfer from the old one, to the new one. It has been transferring for 18 hours now! The old one was a 64, and the new one is a 256. The old one had about 62 gb on it so thats why i wanted a larger one, since i do alot of art work, and needed more space. Also a tone of apps on it. Im really getting worried now that it is taking so long. I have heard that it could take anywhere from 1 to 4 hours per GB, depending on size of transfer, and internet speed. I have very fast internet speed here, so must be the size i guess. Is this really normal to have to wait this long for the transfer to be complete? I can't even use my old ipad to work while this is happening, as they are right together, doing the transfer. Im thinking of aborting, but dont know how to, or of its even possible, and what happens if I do abort… OR do I just wait it out, though, at this point Im thinking it might be days before I can use any of them. UHHGGGGG…. HELP!


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