How to Backup Your Old iPhone and Restore to iPhone X, Xr, Xs, and Xs Max


I show you how to move from your old iPhone to a new iPhone X, iPhone Xs, iPhone Xr or iPhone Xs Max. In this tutorial I go over how to backup to iTunes and iCloud. I also talk about moving your apps, data, photos, messages, games and more.

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  1. So the only way to recover my mp3s and music I BOUGHT from Apple iTunes and Apple no longer shows is from an iTunes backup? My iTunes won’t sync or backup.

  2. your channel become an addiction to me 😀
    I have a question regarding icloud specifically & i hope u advise me to the proper solution.

    i'm all new into icloud service , Is it ok to use an apple id for the app store & another different apple id only for icloud?

    some ppl advised me to do this for privacy reason, but i'm afraid this can cause conflict if i wanted to lets say restore an icloud backup to a new device like u did in that video , Will the "icloud" apple id figure that out in the "restore data " page that even if there is no single app was purchased using it(bcuz i use different apple id only for apps) , it will download the necessary apps " like whatsapp or other 3rd party apps " or there is an option to add 2 different apple ids in the very begining settings of a new iphone?

    p.s : both iphone on same ios 10 version which i don't want to lose in the new device ( 6s plus to 7 plus ).
    thanks in advance & excuse me for my English :')

  3. iTunes could not back up the iPhone “iPhone” because an error occurred while reading from or writing to the iPhone.

    Help please…….

  4. Hi, please help! I have tried backing up my phone using iCloud but no photos recovered for some reason! All the apps have been recovered but no photos. How do I get this back please? My other phone has been stolen, trying to recover what I previously have backed up. Please help! Thank you

  5. I tried to do this to a new phone for hours by myself. Then I came to this video and solved the problem in less than 10 minutes… THANK YOU!!!

  6. I have to do this next week as my GF gets her new iPhone 11 max pro as her Xmas gift. She currently has an iPhone 7s plus. One thing is that her Apple ID is somehow messed up and even Apple support isn’t able to resolve it. She can no longer download or purchase any apps. Would you recommend she setup a new Apple account on the new phone? If so is it possible to get her photos and apps from her old phone with a new Apple ID?

  7. Well, if you have a fairly new on a slightly newer version, it will prompt you to update the device once you’ve selected your iCloud backup. Then it saves you having to set the device up as new, update it then restore it from the back up when it’s been reset and you have gone through that whole process again.

  8. your video is fine . I have a Question I transferred all apps. from my old iPhone 7 to 10. good every thing is ok whatsapp is in new it is asking for otp to confirm the phone number, since I am abroad cannot receive any otp . Can i activate with out OTO

  9. If you back up your iPhone (which includes WhatsApp) then restore to a new iPhone will WhatsApp chats and files be restored as well?

  10. For the first time someone explained that the phone has to be reset. Glad that was conveyed unlike the lower IQ videos.

  11. (4:12) does apps and data include photos? id like to restore just photos but would like the apps layout, background etc as brand new.

  12. Thanks for the video Sir. I have a question can I do the same thing for an iPhone 6 upgrade to a Xr, if not, is there any other solution. I would be appreciate your answer

  13. i just recently got an XR, and i’m trying to transfer my icloud data from a 7+, i pressed on a backup on the new phone but it never moved onto the next step? it’s just loading? this has been going on for 48 hours now so i’m a bit confused, but also getting annoyed


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