How to Backup Your WordPress Website bangla tutorial


Backup Your WordPress Website
Step 1: Installing the Backup Plugin Updraft

Click on plugins from your WordPress dashboard, and then click on add new. Search for “Updraft”, and you’ll find a couple of results.
Install the one named “Updraft Plus WordPress Backup Plugin” and then activate it.

Step 2: Taking a Backup

Go to Updraft from the settings part of the WordPress dashboard. From the current status tab, click on backup now. Tick all the boxes and then create the backup.
To see the backup just created, click the existing backup tab, and you’d see it there.

So how do we use our backups?

To test it, let’s delete something. Go to pages and delete any page. After deleting, visit the page to ensure that the home page has no content.

Let’s now restore our backups. Go to Updraft from settings in the WordPress dashboard. From the current status tab, click on restore, tick all the boxes and confirm the restore.
Now you can return to the home page, and everything should be back to normal.
Step 3: Setting Up Automatic Backup
Up next, we would create an automatic backup which would ensure that backups are taken without our supervision.

Click on Settings on your WordPress dashboard and then click on Updraft. Go to the settings tab.

You’ll see File backup and Database backup schedules, it is advisable to set both to weekly. And then set the “retain this many schedule backups” drop-down to four times.

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