How to change Facebook background color , Font, Style etc.


Learn how to change Facebook background color, title bar, font size, font style and much more through this tutorial. There are many extensions that can do this job but the one that I found to be reliable is Fabulous.

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It’s fun to play with Facebook background color, style, font etc. and visually see it as per your preferences.

Install the extension – You can easily install the extension by the name fabulous through settings than tools and search for fabulous. Once the extension is installed you can try out various color combinations, font style options, cursor looks etc.

This method works only on Google chrome and on browser that you use on desktop or laptop. Best part of using this is that it’s fun to change the way Facebook page appears as per your own preferences.

Method to uninstall the fabulous extension – If you wish to remove this extension to try out some other extension or simply want to move back to default settings, you can do the same easily.

From the settings go to tools and then extensions and you will notice fabulous there. There will be a small box named enable, un check the same, if you want to temporarily move out and if you want to delete it , just click on remove button link.

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Hope you found the video on how to change the Facebook background color, font, styles etc useful. Do share your inputs through comments below and happy customizing the way Facebook looks.



  1. Excellent information!  Thank you!  Curious question…..why doesn't FB have these modification capabilities built into their app instead of us having to download a 3rd party app?

  2. dude, this is a totally pointless tutorial, the changes you make are only visible to you and anyone with the extension installed

  3. Hey I found how to change facebook Look/Interface change all colors and even the background
    Check my channel
    or click on this link:

  4. Shit it took me more than 10 years to learn English now i have to learn how to listen to this , it's just hard for me .

  5. I found one. it's called, Better Facebook. Works great. I even viewed page as visitor and it was the same. Same features as fabulous.

    Thanks for your video, couldn't have done it without you.

  6. i am a facebook apps developper
    can you test my app that change facebook color
    thank you


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