How To Create a System Image Backup and Restore | Windows 10 Recovery Tutorial


In this Windows 10 Tutorial, you will learn to create a Complete System Backup Image Recovery. System Image Backup was first introduced in Windows 7. You can use System Images to completely restore your PC to previous state.

Later, we will discuss about restoring a system image in case of system failure.

Information Applies To following versions of Windows:
Windows 7
Windows 8 / 8.1
Windows 10

Narrated By:
Emma (TTS)

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  1. Lol, when I'm trying to restore my backup via the network, I can select the ''WindowsImageBackup'' folder.. But it gives me an error saying ''no backup-sets found''

  2. I am currently using Acronis to backup the whole drive which included all settings and application and save it to another hard drive. Can it be done with Windows 10 or 7 and place it in another partition with same drive? Thanks.

  3. i have followed this guide step by step when i get to it is asking me to create a recovery disk, the disk is in the CD drive and the USB is plugged in thanks in advanced

  4. In my opinion image recovery is not worth it IF you have a internal drive like ssd and an external drive to download items.In this case if your pc runs into a problem simply you you unplug the external hard drive and then put a usb with the windows backup to install them back.After that you go normally to your desktop and plug again the external drive

  5. =will this even back up the software that I use in my laptop and start the same way from where i left it or last time took its backup within the software ?

  6. @the teacher plz help me I stuck at the password part. I did not set any password when I downloaded windows so what do I do

  7. Hi All, I was trying to use this to move all my data to a new machine. Unfortunately, it gave me an error when I tried to
    restore; it said that the Image was created with a different firmware version. Is there a workaround for this? — Thanks. Bill

  8. question
    if i have 10 programs installed and configured with certain settings, will image recovery be able to recover the exact status with the 10 programs and the certain settings?

  9. Nice work! You can also check this out.
    Creating A Full Image Backup using Windows 10


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