How to Create a System Image Backup of Windows 10 and Recover from it – GUI


A system image is an exact copy of a hard drive. A system image includes the required files for Windows to run, including system settings, programs, and personal files. You can use a system image to restore the contents of your computer in case of a hard drive failure or computer stops working.

1. Download Windows 10 ISO

2. Burn Windows 10 ISO onto a Disc

3. Change the boot sequence in BIOS



  1. Your presentation has been most concise with usage of less words & clear view with ease of understanding. Thank you sir, your is best among all presentations I tried with. Pl. explain the steps to change boot sequence a bit elaborately with alternative ways.

  2. Miguel how to Select System Image buy an Network Location. I have an image on an extra Backup Drive G: My System only is accesable by USB Boot Stick. I have no clue how to get connected to
    my Backup G drive.

  3. Does Windows 10 have the same difficulty restoring to a UEFI disk that Windows 7 and 8 had? If so, can you recommend a good alternative for image backup and restore?

  4. Hi sir
    Pls confirm this backup image will also backup the software which install in my PC .

    How this image will work thru pen drive .if taken back up in penddrive .
    Means can it convert my pendrive into bootable pendrive with this system back up image and I simply boot my PC thru this pendrive. Once my PC get corrupted.????

  5. Thank you, Miguel. I think yours is an EXCELLENT tutorial. You don't speak and move to fast. You're not boring. You are clear and concise. I subscribed to your channel and will recommend you to friends.

  6. While trying to recover my windows from recovery usb I always error saying their was a problem recovering this PC

  7. M windows 10 laptop (lenovo thinkpad) has stopped working. What I mean is it is coming on normal but it is not going on to the logging on Screen.
    I have tried every possible solution including the troubleshooting options on the advanced recovery screen and nothing is working.. So all I think left to do is reinstall windows 10pro…. I have also tried resetting my PC but noting seems to be working…. I think I can reinstall windows but I want to keep my personal files like my pics and I don't know how to do that.
    Could u please help me step by step telling me how to do it
    Will be greatly appreciated for ur help.
    Thanks very much.

  8. Let's say my SSD dies, I made a system image backup and installed a new SSD, can I just restore my backup Image and everything will be the same as it was before my old SSD died? Does the new SSD has to be from the same manufacturer?

  9. Thank you so much for your clear and concise easy to understand instructions. Good for a tech challenged individual 🙂


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