How to create an avatar like a cartoon character | Adobe Illustrator Tutorial


Hello everyone,

Today i will showing you how to make an avatar of yourself with Adobe Illustrator software. This is a useful tutorial if you want to create your own avatar like a cartoon character and can be used as a social media profile picture!

This is a simple illustrator tutorial for beginners. I hope it will be useful for you.

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Don’t reupload video and don’t use avatar for commercial projects. Thank you


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  1. What is the music title of this video?
    Let me know please, I love this music.

    Btw, the music sounds like a song from "Sheila On 7 – Tunjuk Satu Bintang"

  2. excuse me, I'd like to asking. I don't understand with the step in 2:37 . how does the other shape is missing? could someone mind to explain it? thank you!

  3. Love this but it's almost too quick to follow, I can't even pause quick enough sometimes to work out what you're doing. Great work but if this is for beginners you maybe want to either go slightly slower or add more notes or a voiceover.


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