How to Create Windows 10 System Recovery Partition


How to Create Windows 10 System Recovery Partition

In this video we are going to be creating a recovery partition in our windows 10 operating system, you can also do this on other versions of windows like Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 and 8.1.

Why should I do this?
If you’re computer becomes infected with malware or you PC is suffer from registry corruption and you receiving a BSOD. You can use this recovery partition to reinstall windows, its basically a copy of windows store on a small partition, that lets you install windows from, without a CD or USB. We will be using EasyBCD and Windows Media Creation Tool

Download EasyBCD

Download Windows Media Creation Tool

Warning: Before you follow this video, make sure you backup all your data and create a image of your machine.

So if your computer crashes and you want to put your machine back to default settings, you can use this method, just remember to backup your data first.

There is software you can use to do this for you which will probably work better for you, I have made videos show on how to use this type of software.

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  1. couldn't you do the same using DISM and sysprep to create a install.wim then have that under the windows re environment to reset to that image

  2. Hey @Britec09 just a question regarding this system recovery partition:

    I have recently just reinstalled windows 5 hours ago using the ISO on the USB, thanks by the way or your assistance on that particular video. Any how I have additionally have replaced my old HHD drive in my laptop with my new 1T SSD drive. Although I was not aware that my HDD had my recovery partition on it. Assuming I follow the steps in this video will this override all the data I have on my computer currently and result in my having to do 2 installations in one day? In addition would you mind explaining what the recovery drives purpose is, I have a limited understanding on that particular topic.

    If you'd be able to answer those questions that would be great, thanks.

    –> edit: I will just add this note down here for you. Essentially I'd like to create a recovery partition with the necessary files on it. I don't wish to reinstall windows.
    –> 2nd edit: Additionally could you be able to point me in the right direction if this is not the correct methodology I'm looking for. I have noticed just now that you have numerous videos of a similar topic and am unaware of what one I am suppose to do.

  3. how do you creat a recovery partition using the current system setting ? like drivers etc etc i dont want to use a fresh iso . is that possible?

  4. if i delete partitions, install fresh win.10… will my windows key be deleted as well?
    i mean… when i reinstall via iso recovery, do i still need a key?

  5. Do I have to use EasyBCD, or can I just download the windows 10 media creation tool, and transfer the file over to the recovery partition, and be done with out any third party software?

  6. thank you excellent job works on my laptop and computer very happy with the software highly recommended job well done. once again thank you Britec09

  7. Very well said. I have my own system recovery partition now always a must just in case of an emergency. Thanks a lot for the video 🙂

  8. when i goto advanced option and select recovery it say there is no windows image attach a usb that have windows image or insert recovery disc i want system wise recovery i recently update my laptop from windows 7 to windows 10 i need inbuilt recovery option i delete windows 7 recovery disk via cmd and make new recovery as you showed in this tutorial

  9. so if my laptop EFI system is active, do i need to disable this cause when i run the software, i am told that my EFI system is on, and the Add entry button in the right hand corner after the boot.wim is added is missing or not shown.

  10. thats maybe the best way to recover the pc very fast. the only thing you need is a recovery partition of maybe 16 gb. you dont even need to have windows on it if your pc, doesnt matter why, doesnt boot up then just use a windows recovery cd to save your pc… this way you can boot up again and copy the files on your pc…

  11. You said near the end of the video something about installing Windows on top of Windows. Is this a doable thing which might fix a non-booting Windows? In particular, one that goes through an Automatic Repair/Diagnosing your PC loop?

  12. Is there anything like twrp for windows 10? I'm huge fan of the way twrp backs all your apps and you can wipe the partitions clean and restore I would love something like that for windows. I'm a big tweaker with my devices and I make mistakes that require everything to be reformatted sometimes so if I don't have to do a clean install of windows I'd love it.

  13. I love this tutorial, I actually used it as an alternative to my Acer's eRecovery because my laptop came with windows 7 and after I installed windows 10 if I ever used eRecovery it would revert back to windows 7 which I did not want. I like having the convenience of having Windows setup files already on the HDD instead of having to keep extra discs around, tho I probably will burn the iso to a disc since I gave my original to my brother to update his laptop a long time ago and never got it

    My question is, if you delete or do a fresh install, that is not going to overwrite the boot record is it? I'm not too familiar with the MBR. But I have had to repair the MBR from a disc before, I'm assuming if you by accident clicked repair MBR it would overwrite the modified boot record and you would have to download a MBR editor to access that Recovery partition again wouldn't you?

  14. Hello sir, I want to know that …can I delete the iso file from my C drive after moving it to seperate recovery drive as you have shown ?

  15. Please , rename this video to " How to install fresh Windows on a machine with preinstalled Windows without any external storage device (may be DVD ,USB stick? or alike device)"


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