How to Install Avast Internet Security 2019 on macOS


In today’s lesson, we will teach you how to install Avast Internet Security 2019 on mac.
Open your web browser and paste a link you can find in the description box down below. Open the web page.
Click on ‘Free download’. Open the file. Click on ‘Avast Security’ in the new window. Click on ‘Continue’ in the pop-up window. Click on ‘Continue’ few times. Read the terms and click on ‘Agree’. You can choose which add-ons you can install. Click on ‘Continue’. Click on ‘Install’. Wait until is done. Enter your password and click on ‘Install Software’. The app will launch automatically. Your mac is now protected.
You can protect your passwords using Avast Passwords feature. Click on Start now. Create and confirm the master password. Check ‘I acknowledge that if I ever forget my Master Password there is no way to resolve it’. Click on ‘Confirm password’. You can import logins or skip the step. Close all windows.



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