How to Livestream Your iPhone Screen Directly To Facebook [Beginner Guide]


Learn how to livestream your iPhone Screen to Facebook for free using the Facebook app.

This is a beginner’s guide in beta as the Facebook livestreaming service is still buggy.

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Since iOS Screen recording apps are banned from the Apple App Store, you download and use them at your own risk. I cannot be held responsible for any damage or loss of functionality done to your iOS device.



  1. I can’t livestream anything not YouTube not Facebook and not twitch.. it just keeps throwing me around in circles back to the same thing even streamlabs that was supposed to be the best fails with them all.. please someone help this is frustrating, I’ve been wanting to livestream for the past year with no luck 😤😤😤

  2. So there’s not a way . Guess the video name should have been titled differently huh? Why even make us think we can? Ridiculous

  3. AT 3:12 on your timeline, what if my thing doesn't show Facebook. It only shows "camera roll" and "Messenger". How do I get Facebook to show up? I was able to go Live from Facebook last week and now I can't.

  4. “Not fit for purpose” because you can’t interact with your viewers? That’s YOUR purpose and it’s arrogant to make a general statement about fitness based on a personal requirement that not everybody will share. When I go live and want to screen cast, I don’t give a shit that I don’t see any viewer messages. I have a second device I use to interact with my viewers while I’m casting my screen. (iPad or computer). It is most definitely fit for my purposes, so that makes your statement wrong. It’s one thing to point out the limitations – but another thing completely for you to evaluate the overall feature and declare it unfit for use because of a requirement that you inventor and decided NEEDS to be present for the feature to have any value whatsoever.


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