How to make a rom backup for mt67xx android devices over sp flash tool


How to make a rom backup for mt67xx android devices over sp flash tool.
How to make a rom backup for mt67xx android devices over sp flash tool
How to make a rom backup for mt67xx android devices over sp flash tool

scatter files:

sp flash tool:

WwR_MTK_v2.30 :

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How to make a rom backup for mt67xx ( MT6795 , MT6752 , MT6595 , MT6753 , MT6735 , MT6735M , MT6737 , MT6735M ) over sp flash tool

you come to this video to know how you can backup your MTK 67xx stock rom with sp flash tool
Well as you know mtk droid tools don’t support mtk 67xx processors, but this is not a problem there is
an alternative software that you can use.

But before proceeding to the video you need to focus on all the steps from the beginning to the last second in the video.



  1. Thank you a lot, i've been trying to find a way to get the emmc size and nothing worked except this video, also as i was reading preloader i found that after you read it in on left bottom corner of sp flash tool if you double click on emmc and look at the last value it is the size of emmc.

  2. @Tech-Zon sir im stuck at 11:40 it says "The program did not find information about the processor in the LK section! Something went wrong". i add new processor type which is MT6763 because my processor not listed in the dropdown. How to fix this kind issue? my phone is helio p23 chipset. any comment coming from is greatly appreciated.

  3. I have a MT6763 based T-Mobile Revvl 2 plus..battery is non removeable…and I cant seem to boot into bootloader mode..or maybe just cant tell if I am in bootloader mode. Using ADB reboot bootloader just causes the phone to reboot normally with no way to tell if it hits bootloader mode in the process.

  4. i get error STATUS_ABORT = 0xC0010002 at 40% could you help me out on this one?
    //beging of status_ex, for new arch lib & DA, begin from 0xC0010001
    ,STATUS_ERR = 0xC0010001
    ,STATUS_ABORT = 0xC0010002
    ,STATUS_UNSUPPORT_CMD = 0xC0010003
    ,STATUS_PROTOCOL_ERR = 0xC0010005
    ,STATUS_USB_SCAN_ERR = 0xC0010008
    ,STATUS_OPEN_FILE_ERR = 0xC001000E
    ,STATUS_READ_FILE_ERR = 0xC0010010

  5. Hello, i want to ask several question :
    1. should be rooted?
    2. I'm using mtk 6737, and non removable battery
    Is it possible, by using the scatter file 6735? Thanks for the answear

  6. Bro it's asking for secure boot download agent for me but its not available for my phone realme1,can u pls give me the that file(bin) format

  7. Hi with this procedure there is the risk of bric the phone or otherwise damaging it? Another question, my phone does not allow you to disconnect the battery can I still proceed?

  8. Hi I have problems already starting because I can not find the scatter file for my rom, I have an elephone A4 pro with a Roma mt6763, where i can find this files? Thanks

  9. Hi,

    I did everything as you did in your video but when I try to load the preloader file, it scans some sort of signatures and then it says:
    "The program did not find information about the processor in the LK section!!! Something went wrong…"
    What does that mean and how do I fix this?

  10. Any idea to read oreo 8.1 from mt6580…
    I have 1 vodafone 320 its stuck..amd i have same phone can i read the backup from working phone but when i try to write backup to dead phone sptool govs error 6045…any solution

  11. I'm glad that i able to do backup my nubia m2 lite with this guide. Thank you sir.

    I have question, why i got error: status_preloader_invalid (0xc0030004)

    (When i try to readback preloader?)

  12. bonjour
    pour éviter de modifier le nom du fichier secro.bin en .img et le fichier scatter
    il suffit d'éditer le fichier template.ini du logiciel wwr mtk et de modifier la ligne
    SE_RO secro.img par SECRO secro.img (erreur de frappe a la création du logiciel je pense)

    Par contre moi je cherche à faire un dump sans la partition userdata qui tiens trop de place et ne m’intéresse pas.j'ai essayer de récupérer l image entière en mettant l adresse de début de userdata mais pas l'adresse de fin .Et lorsque je réinjecte la rom avec spf cela fonctionne, mais après je n'ai pas de démarrage System (reste bloquer sur le logo de la tablette)
    si quelqu'un a une idée.
    je viens de remarquer aussi que cela ne me créer pas la partition cache alors qu'elle se trouve juste avant dans liste des partitions.


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