How To Nandroid Backup And Restore (for Android)



In this video, I show you how to make a Nandroid Backup (which almost every developer recommends you do before flashing a custom ROM or kernel). I also show you how to restore the Nandroid backup you’ve made if anything goes wrong with your Android phone. And lastly, I show you where the backup file is located so you can transfer it to your computer.

You need to have root permissions to do this, and also have a custom recovery installed like ClockworkMod Recovery. I used ROM Manager to flash the latest version of clockworkmod in this video and used it to boot into recovery mode. The phone I used here was the Samsung Galaxy S3, but this method works for all Android phones.



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How To Nandroid Backup And Restore (for Android)



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  1. Someone got my Gmail account like a month now I'm sure he been using my PayPal account and been going to his email..well my email account is said compass mail I'm having troubles with my email is not originally form

  2. my rom manager reboots to a very different interface, where I have.. nothing useful. no install from zip, no backup.

  3. incase you messed up the phone (no i did not, just a questrion) how should i put the file back on the phone when i ahve it on my pc, since the phone wont start and i cant put it on the phone

  4. My phone is android 5 rooted if i do this then restore it what happens? i mean will my device be rooted just like it is now? Does it Back up Applications and their own datas too? (Like WhatsApp)

  5. Can someone tell me, did he just back it up on his sd card? Because thats what I want to do befors I use xposed installer.

  6. Disliked. Frankly I'm amazed by the high ratio of likes/dislikes.
    If YouTube allowed multiple dislikes, I'd put a part of them on this.
    You explain just the obvious — to back up select "back up" and to restore select "restore" without talking about the most important things:
    Where did you get and above all, what is, the software you already have installed.
    You say in the description "custom recovery". Is it a custom recovery… tool? Or recovery ROM? Is "recovery" an adjective or noun? etc.
    NTM your link is dead…

  7. Can u help me? I did a factory reset with the default backup system on android. and now when i re-download the game i dont get the data. Can u Help???

  8. Will Nandroid Restore take back me to STOCK Kernel and Un-root the device ??
    I have installed custome kernel and wish to go back to stock kernel??

    Is it the easy way to go?? 

    Device: nexus 7 (2013), 4.4.2 KITKAT, elementalX 2.6 kernel, rooted and CWM recovery

  9. i tried to update my samsung ace s5830 to jellybean,,,,my rooting was completed but  my device wasnt booted….and then i tried to restore ,,,,,,, my backed ROM isnot restoring,,it says md5 mismatch….PLZZZZ HELPPP,,,IM IN TROUBLEE

  10. On my International Galaxy S3, i don't have a "Backup and Restore" Option in CWM, i have no idea why, 'cause i got root and CWM + Busybox installed, can i do anything to get a Backup otherwise (like NANdroid Backup App from Gplay) because i realy wnat to instal the new ParanoidAndroid ROM and need a backup, cause its an experimental version..

  11. When I tried to reboot into recovery like you did, all I get is an android guy next to a triangle with an exclamation pint in it. HELP I dont know what to do now 🙁

  12. Does the "Normal" Backup Option save the Backup on the External SD? or is there any Way of Saving a Nandroid Backup there? (My Phone has only got 1GB of internal Storage (130MB free) and 2GB of USB-Storage (1,5GB free), and I do not know if that is enough.)

  13. So i messed up Bad, first timer on android/root and i rooted my htc one,didnt know about nandroid backup, flashed a custom rom on it without backing up. what am i supposed to do now?

  14. I go on Rom Manager and boot into CWM Recovery and my phone says Samsung Custom with an unlocked symbol, then the screen has a yellow triangle and says "System software not authorized by VZW…" It also says in the top left corner: "Secure Fail: Kernel" Please help? I'm also trying to create a nandroid backup. Is a nandroid backup equivalent to a titanium backup?

  15. i have HTC Explore and i upgraded my OS to ice-cream sandwich instead of Ginger bird.I took backup of my old Ginger bird OS and i install ICS 4.0.1 so camera dsn't wrk with ICS 4.0.1 so i restore my old os through NanDroid manager apps.but i after i restore my old os phone memory not clear much that..n then always display Low memory message.right now i hv not install any apss stilll countinue show me Low memory message….pls Help ???


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