How To Register Avast Free Antivirus 2016-Avast Free Antivirus 2016 Free Download


This video is about how can you register your avast antivirus for 35 years . You can easily register avast for 35 years for free . I my video i show you how can you do this . Now i am giving you the writing description how can you set up by set up install avast and register it . So here we go :

1) Install “avast_antivirus_9.0_.exe”
[this is setup file Full version]

2) Goto settings and uncheck the option which says “Participate in avast! Community”

3) Click Registration than click offline registration than Insert the license key
(if you can’t see this option.. there is a small inverted triangle offline registration Click it)

4) Insert the ask4pc Magic serial key below..


C59249769E9900N1595-ENS7ULJH [this is the key]


5) Click [ OK ]

6)Again click OK on the main UI to save the changes..

Done.. Now you have Fully registered Avast! free antivirus upto 2095

avast download link :

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  1. This antivirus software program “www just fanet” (Google it) has been installed in my computer for quite a while and it never ceased to impress me. It`s been protecting mine and my family`s computers for possibly over two decades. We use it on our smartphones and tablets, and also on our pcs.


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