How to Transfer All Data from an Old iPhone to a New iPhone without iTunes or iCloud


I show you how to move all of your messages, movies, music, photos, app data and more from an old iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch to a new iPhone running iOS 12.4 or newer using wireless data migration. #iOS #Apple #iPhone

iOS 12.4 and newer now allows you to migrate from your old iPhone to a new iPhone without needing an iCloud backup or an iTunes backup. If you ran out of iCloud storage and you don’t have a computer to use iTunes to backup your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch then this video will show you how you can backup and restore all of your information to a new iPhone.

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  1. Does anyone know how to transfer data to an iPhone 11 that is already set up? I don't want to lose some things I already added to the new phone. Thanks in advance.

  2. Ok but what if at the Verizon they started some of The process but didn’t finish it. So how would I go through and make sure that all my old data is completely off my old phone is all going to be on my new phone before sell it or get rid of it?? I can’t go through these steps because my new phone isn’t set up this way anymore… Someone Please HELP?!!!??? I’d greatly appreciate it!!! 💗

  3. A little help? I followed the instructions transferring from 7 plus to XS Max. Everything transferred via iCloud backup and directly via WiFi, except my music collection on the Apple Music app (only the purchased tracks are still there). How do I get those to come over? I’m missing several thousand tracks. There are a few non-iTunes audiobooks I had synced to iBooks app also didn’t copy over. Any ideas? Thanks a ton

  4. please broooo i need your help how to recover your pictures from the old one when you transfer all your data to the old??? pleasee notice me:<

  5. if you're buying iphone 11 in Feb '20 like I just did, get ready for a 15 minute software update to ios 13.3.1 out of the box

  6. Okay. Two questions even though it will sound stupid. Are 50gb of photos transferred via this method? And if yes, do I need to pay for extra storage?

  7. Completed the data transfer just fine and wanting to keep my old phone as a spare with all my data on. Trying to delete some of the stuff on my new phone but it is deleting it from the old phone also – anyone know how to stop the phones replicating each other? Thanks!


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