Introduction to Backup Systems



Level: Beginner
Presenter: Eli the Computer Guy
Course Length: 45 Minutes

Security/ Data Integrity

Purpose of Class

This class introduces you to the basic concepts of computer backups.

Topics Covered

Types of Backups
Media Used for Backing Up Data
Software Used to Backup Data
Online Backup Technologies
Advice for Maintaining Backup Procedures
Class Notes

Types of Backup
Full — backup everything
Incremental — backup everything since the last incremental backup
Differential — backup everything since the last Full backup
Rsync — backup the bits that have changed in the files
Combined — modern backup software uses a combination of techniques
Formats of Backup
Bare Metal — allows you to recover not just files, but the entire operating system
Software Problems — not all backup software is made the same
Hard Drive
Flash Drive /External
Offsite Backup is a good idea, but no one ever does it.
Microsoft’s built in backup has a poor track record
Server vs. Workstation — The software is different and the Server backup software costs around $600-$1000
Add-ins — You may need special add-ins for your backup software to backup Microsoft SQL databases or Exchange servers.
Online Backup Solutions
Only backup files, does not do a “bare metal” backup
It can take a long time to backup or recover data
Final Thoughts
Check your log files
Do a test recovery


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  1. incremental and differential are the same right? both of them only back up the changed files since the last full.backup?

  2. For online backup it would take me 3h to backup 500 gbytes and 1h30 to have them back so it can be quick if you have a fast connection. My upload is 500mbit/s

  3. good video thx, problem with file backup is that if you backup a corrupted file on the source drive it copies it on the destination and then… no good copy of the file exists

  4. Nice lesson on back up systems.
    I don't really like online back up, too much though.
    But I know, it can be really handy.

  5. Actually reading and writing from tapes is very quick. Had a server go down, recovering from tape took only about 3 hours while from disk (NAS) it would take 3 days. Always read-write is faster with tapes. We use Ultrium LTO tapes and the backup speed is 400megabytes per second. Faster than any hard disk.

  6. Tape backups screwed me many times over at a small business. Subsequently, imaging to backup drives, cloning to a full instant replacement drive, all saved me multiple times. The tapes either physically failed, or the backup program failed to recognize and restore, or the backup was flawed in some other manner that was not discernable until the need for restoration happened. Witnessed a friend's business get screwed by a backup service that actually had their tape service fail to restore a crashed network. Economics might suggest tapes at large enterprise installations can be viable, but they will never catch up now, to HDD rates, because they actually depend on pulling hundreds of feet of magnetic tape through, to locate one lousy file. Had the highest quality tapes just plain get damaged exactly the same way old audio cassettes did, and the far more convenient, reliable HDD (have used ones for ten years, that outlived their connectivity, i.e. pre-SATA), easy to verify and clone for additional security. One compact tape, whoaa boy, 4 whole GB!? I bought a 128GB USB 3 flash stick for $65. Who are these posters trying to kid?

  7. I just want to personally thank Eli the computer guy for taking the time to make this video along with all the other videos 🙏🏽You have helped me out so much with learning IT and for that I can not express enough appreciation and gratitude!

    I at the same time want rebuke all the people who are responding to Eli in a very hostile and condemnatory way. It is fine to disagree and share your opinion but make sure you do it in a respectful way. Furthermore, I honestly don't understand why those of you making these very hostile, negative comments would even waste your time watching a video like this if you know so much about the subject already?? Maybe instead of tearing others attempts down to educate those of us that are less knowledgeable, you could make your own video in response to this one sharing your opinions and experience on the topic. But I will say again, if you don't share your opinions in a respectful way nobody including myself will be interested in what you have to say. You will be like a clanging gong or symbol.

  8. why are you dismissing tape for backups? ever heard of LTO Ultrium? that stuff is made for long term backups and what i've read from it it works pretty well. you're acting like you know more than you actually do.

  9. First i was like, fuck this video is long, but i actually learned a lot. and it was really helpful if i want to keep my files protected. thank you

  10. Unsubscribed when i heared his comment about tapes. One year lifespan ? ROTFLMAO. Maybe he is confusing this with the about 350 full reads that you can do with a tape. If you use the one tape again and again, then yes. But if you do with a tape what you should do with a tape it lasts for 15 years at minimum. Go LTO6

  11. Hi Eli , Since I teach Linux , so I use you video so much for getting idea , Thank you very much for you video.

  12. This is a pretty old video. Is there an update that takes into consideration running a server as a virtual machine? Seems to me, it opens up some much more reliable and inexpensive options.


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