Introduction to SQL Server Database Backup and Restore


This video introduces the concepts of the backup and restore for SQL Server. It’s meant to be a companion piece to this article on Backup and Restore for the Accidental DBA (

For more on how to do backups and restores using T-SQL check out my other video:

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Please watch: “Extended Events Live Data Window ”




  1. Hi Grant, thanks for sharing this information. I also follow your blog. Today, I read this blog on sqlservercentral and found it useful:

  2. Had a break/fix client who had a hdd crash. All we could get was the MSQL directory from the .vhdx image (Which we couldnt restore because the image itself was corrupted….). I have yet to see a way that you can restore by using just the raw data included in the MSQL directory. If someone could point me in the right direction, it would be much appreciated. Most of our clients are break/fix, small town environment. People don't like contracts.

  3. Nice video Grant Fritchey, can you tell me how you have your ssms setup in a way that it pulls up suggestions for you while you type commands in the query window? it seems to be doing more than intellisense at 12:50 . would be glad if you can show me how to set that up. Thanks in advance!

  4. What if I want to backup to a mapped network drive? I cannot see those drives when I go to pick where the backup is stored.

  5. Are you really increasing speed if you select compression? My experience while using backup software (for Sql, or simply for Windows/Apps/Data is that compression saves storage space, but increases the time it takes to backup as the software needs to 1st compress, then store the data.

  6. Hi, my server failed, i rebuilt it…i have acronis backups of the old drive, i'm trying to get the ms bcm database back on new install but i cant go around to it. I mounted the backup as E drive and can see the mdb and log files, how do i copy into the new server install? thx

  7. What is that autocomplete tool you're using at 12:50 ? BTW, Excellent video. I finally understood the theory behind those simple and full recovery options and the norecovery.  

  8. Awesome. what additional options are you using in the Management Studio? I don't see my IntelliSense as smart as your

  9. Job well done Grant!
    One question for you, is there a particular reason why you left VERIFY BACKUP unchecked while doing tlog backup compared to a full backup. Looking forward to your response, thanks!

  10. Thanks. I've got another video on how to use T-SQL to do everything instead of the GUI. You might to take a look at that too.

  11. Thanks. Glad it's useful. I've added another on doing the same stuff using just T-SQL. Can't link in the comments, but you can look it up under my channel.


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