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Iowans will caucus on Monday, February 3, the first state in the nation to go to the polls. While President Trump technically has two Republican challengers, all eyes will be on the Democratic nominees, who are locked in a tight race.

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  1. Of course they are tampering with the vote. I heard people wrote trumps name on the paper ballots. That’s why it’s taking so much. Not to mention they are burning bernie

  2. Abolish total fraud “Caucus Process” as “Caucus leaders” change peoples votes to their “favorite candidate”. All 50 states go to primary popular vote “fill in the oval on real paper at local precinct” then dropped into voting box 🗳. Paper Verifiable results!

  3. It’s too bad Donald Trump parents have passed they would be so proud of him as president doing great things for this country! Trump 2020 and forever! Trump did a great job with state of the Union speech.

  4. DEMOCRATS SABOTAGE BERNIE ONCE AGAIN!!!! The Republicans are correct, the Democrats must all be removed!!! Voting for Trump just to get rid of the Democrats!!!!

  5. CBS does not want Bernie to win. Why else would they be reporting the way they do? Ponder 🤔 there words and direction given to there reporters? They way they report and what is said says just who is at there wheel.

  6. These azzClown Democratic Socialist can run a Caucus and they think they can run OUR country. Truth be they are not going to let the really old Communist get the nomination again. Poor old Burn get the shaft by the left. It is cheating but it's also good because we the people will never let that insane POS Communist run OUR country ànd our lives. You left are Pathetic!

  7. 😢 our democratic leadership is a disgrace. They are flushing our party down the toilet and handing Trump another 4 years on a silver platter.🥵

  8. It is my firm belief that, because of their short-sightedness, midgets should never be in public office….that goes double for midgets from the corrupt State of New York.

  9. Gee, what a surprise that things went wrong with a George Soros funded political front in Iowa. Hey Sanders lovers, it’s 2016 all over again, except this time the DEMS’ favorite is Biden and, again, the DNC insiders do not want your Communist candidate to win

  10. Changing the rules to accommodate a tiny billionaire (bet Booker and Gabbard are miffed at this) and now a Hillary (can't get right) backed software fails at the Iowa caucus? There's always a reason for democrat election rigging.

  11. 50 hours now, and still no winner…because they are all LOSERS! Dems want to run the country but cant run a backwater state election!

  12. Yooooooo, WHERES MY YANG GANG!!!!!! “Let’s get that Asian in the White House, we’ll fix this country in a week” – Ronny Chieng


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