iPhone SMS Export: learn how to save your text messages from the iPhone to your PC / Mac



How to export SMS from the iPhone to your Windows PC or Mac.

iPhone SMS Export is a program to easily save a copy of your SMS’s from iPhone to PC or Mac.



  1. Im sorry I doubted it, it finally works, you have to set up the cell phone not to be on icloud, nor the other bells whistles,, good show

  2. Thanks! If you're looking for an alternative way, you can check this post https://airmore.com/transfer-text-messages-iphone-pc.html 🙂

  3. i need to export my iphone 6s sms to readable docs in my windows pc. Does this app really works to do so? how much does it cost?

  4. Hi Fabrizio,
    I'm really struggling to set parameters on my export. I'd really like to cut these down by date and number. I don't need to export an unnecessary size of data. I'm getting frustrated after spending money on this program and failing to get a response. Thanks.

  5. Why i have to purchase this App in the AppStore ? The export is from the local backup so i see no need for installing any app onto the iPhone 🙂

  6. I have to reset my phone which will delete my text messages. Will I be able to use sms export to put those messages back onto my phone?

  7. I have purchased the app and gone through all the steps of downloading everything, and it still wont let me export my messages. I clearly have the app in my folder and i didnt click icloud or encrypt. Please assist me?

  8. When i get all of the sms messages from itunes, it wont let me click the export button, even if i click on one

  9. Hi Fabrizio,

    I have been using SMS export for quite a while now and just had to do a restore on my iphone 4S. Comes up and says SMS not loaded as it can't be found. I went to the download in itunes and it says it has been downloaded. How do I get it back on my phone.?

  10. Initially purchased with iphone 6 plus, installed and got a black screen and send sms 0.
    Got on to the mac and app store, said it was downloaded and cannot purchase it again.
    Open the program and it's a trail version.
    Send message for help but got No answer back, please help!

  11. Before I purchase this, will it also allow me back up any pictures sent through text as well.  Either SMS or iMessage?  I also have an old iPhone 3g running iOS 6, is that still okay?

  12. Hi i have the same issue with Kali Mills, I have disabled the iCloud and the Encrypt iPhone backup, and selected backup (this computer) i still cannot see my text messages at all, please assist. Thank you

  13. I bought the app in my iPhone. Do I have to buy it through iTunes on my computer? Have I just wasted $6? Please LMK, thanks, A

  14. You probably have encryption enabled in iTunes. You should disable the encryption to allow SMS Export to import your messages. Also the backup must be local, not on iCloud (you can use both)

  15. I have followed the video, but it doesn't allow me to hit import sms from iTunes. I notification has appeared on my screen saying I need to sync my phone, so I did that again and it still doesn't allow me to do anything.

  16. hey fabrizio, can i export the messages from an old iPhone (ok i know i can do that) but then also IMPORT them on a new iPhone with this application? thanks for your answer in advance!
    cheers from switzerland, stefan

  17. You went on the wrong website. Follow the link at the top of the video to download the free software for your PC. You don't have to pay 19.99

  18. Make sure you have "encryption" disabled in the iTunes configuration page. For further assistance feel free to contact me using the contact page of the SMS Export webpage


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