After many YEARS of requests I finally dive deep (DIE) into ARK!!
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  1. I was watching one of your videos and then it went to an ad and I thought it was one of your videos so I just watched through the whole thing and I just realized at the end that it was an ad about your VR set it is pretty cool

  2. Mark I started watching you again and when I saw Olympus playing my favorite game, I loved it. And your channel too, not trying to sound like a fanboy though.

  3. I really hope that this series gets rebooted (all the way to genesis part 1 vanilla no modding until AFTER genesis is done)

  4. As a person who plays Ark on PS4, trust me when I tell you that I got very frustrated while watching Mark not collect the meat from the dodo

  5. After uh kill keep beating dead body with axe to get meat also engrams are what u use to learn stuff for crafting

  6. Dono sorvovole

    Edit : I died when he said , is that a fellow survivor? When he clearly saw a dinosaur 😂

    Another edit : who’s watching in 2020?

  7. Mark: Does everything a new player does in Ark for the first time

    Me seeing this having a tek armor in 2020: …I feel young…


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