ITZY "달라달라(DALLA DALLA)" Dance Practice


ITZY “달라달라(DALLA DALLA)” Dance Practice

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  1. 그래… 이때였지 황예지…? 당신이 내 여왕님이 된 그날 내 마음 속 에밀레종이 울렸지…

  2. Yeji,Lia, and Yuna: lets wear white top and not tell Chaeryeong and Ryujin
    Ryujin,Lia,Chaeryeong,Ryujin: Lets wear black pants and not tell Yeji

  3. из серии давайте оденем все черные штаны и кроссовки а йеджи не скажем

  4. I have to say that I have come to enjoy this group’s songs over time that they have built themselves, this was not my most favorite songs to listen to first. But I stuck by and I hope ITZY continues to flourish and make a name for themselves beyond what is the cliched expectations of a girl group from Korea. 2NE1 should have done it and the whole works but what has come out with what is coming out……I’m super excited!!!!!!!!

  5. I came back to watch how perfect they execute the dance steps of Dalla Dalla knowing the Nizi trainees are complicated and crucial while dancing this step, it may seem easy to watch but hard to do.

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  7. Lia is not a LAZY DANCER… She's a pretty good dancer… And this dance practice is the proof… The only reason why she dances offbeat now… And has little bit of power on her dancing is becoz of her bashers who calls her lazy and stuff.. And i think her bashers are the reason why she's losing a lot of weight… Lia losing a lot of weight because of her bashers is probably the reason why she doesnt have enough power on her dancing in wannabe… I mean look at this girl … She still looks healthy in here and she dance really good !!! She's a really graceful dancing queen ! 💖💖💖

  8. How to watch:

    1st: watch them all
    2nd: focus on Yeji
    3rd: focus on Chaeryoung
    4th: focus on Ryujin
    5th: focus on Lia
    6th: focus on Yuna
    7th: focus on their hairs

  9. Those heaters really need to calm down, Lia ain't a robot. The fact that may make her look weak is just because the other members are REALLY energetic and talented. Okay, in this point I'm not saying Lia isn't talented. She is a Main Vocal for a reason, the cover she did for Jessie's Pricetag, that was no joke. She was born to SING, Not dance like hell and she has been improving a lot now. Because of the haters, she had to lose weight a lot. In Dalla Dalla, she was quite energetic also in Icy. She was also energetic in Wannabe but the other members nailed it, so that made her look weak. MIDZY be supporting Baby Lia forever, You go girl!💝💖

  10. Their crown poses at the end remind me so much of the signature pose of the dance crew called The Royal Family… Ctrl+V Ctrl+C?


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