Kimunor 500mm adapted to the Sony A6000


Come watch a quick review of the Kimunor 500mm F8 Super telephoto lens adapted to Sony A6000. The Kimunor was made in Japan, and features a long light metal construction. I had to visit a few out of town thrift stores before finding this lens, and purchased it for $8.20. It has some cosmetic damage on the hood of the lens, but the glass is good. On an APS-C sized sensor this lens becomes a 750mm prime. My copy uses the Minolta MD mount, but I did see copies of this lens selling for other mounts as well. In this weeks episode we’lI take a look closer look at the lens, show off some of the lens features, do a few comparisons with the 45mm Rokkor-x, and take some sample photos and videos. Adapting vintage lenses can be an excellent way to acquire quality glass at a bargain price.

Kimunor 500mm F8
Lens Summary:
Lens made in Japan
Light metal construction
Aperture Range F8-F32
500mm Focal Distance
Minimum Focus 35 feet
Long focus throw
Two rings for setting aperture
Minolta MD Mount (made for other mounts as well)

K&F Concept adapter:

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  1. Imagine my surprise & disappointment to learn the Nickon Coolpix L340 had more range than a Nikon 300 mm lens even even with a 2x teleconverter!

  2. I bought the Canon T6 bundle with the 500mm f8 as part of the bundle. Haven't had the chance to use it yet and was kind of wondering but after seeing your vid I have no worries about it any more. Thanks

  3. you should have unscrewed the minolta mount off and bought a T/T2 to NEX adapter..these lenses have the option to come bare (T-mount ) to do that.

  4. hi, today I watched one of your videos, when you adapt a kimunor to your camera, so, I don’t know much about this, but somebody give me that lent and I have a canon, but I don’t know what kind of adapter I need, so you can help me?

  5. I live in Claremont California, March 2018 I went to a local swapmeet in Azusa and got one complete in the box for $7 it was just on the floor sitting in the sun. Trying to research how to adapt it to my Canon T6

  6. Yea I picked up a cheap 500 manual focus lens at a thrift store too. I didn't get a nice bag though. All the lens says is Five Star mfg in japan and the normal other markings

  7. So I bought the adapter for a kimunor 500mm my father in law has but there seems to be another piece missing because I can't seem to attach the adapter to the lense. What's the other part on the lens that allows the adapter to connect to it


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