Manchester United 4-3 Manchester City (09/10) | Premier League Classics | Manchester United


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Relive the greatest Manchester derby of all time, and THAT late, great goal from Michael Owen!

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  1. Was a top game this. Didn't do to we'll at UTD Owen, but that goal alone insured a place in the red half of Manchesters hearts. For some reason!!! After the weekend all I can say is "let's all laugh at city ,lets all laugh at city, nah, nar, nar, nah.., nah,nar,nar,nah, let's all laugh at city.

  2. Dont you guys think its weird that arsenal legend and liverpool legend winning the EPL and they both scored again mancity on comeback and the last person to scored too..

  3. I remember a city fan in our local pub stand up and chuck a pint pot through the telly when Owen scored. He just walked straight out.
    He came back the next day with his sorry head on, and a brand new flat screen for the landlord.

  4. Да,в те времена это была команда,была игра, спасибо сэру A.F.

  5. ആഹ്.. അതൊക്കെ ഒരു കാലം. ഇനി ഇതുപോലെയുള്ള പഴയ വീഡിയോകൾ കണ്ടു സംതൃപ്തി അടയാം…


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