Meet the Cast of Extracurricular [ENG SUB]


Get to know the stars of EXTRACURRICULAR as Kim Dong-hee (ITAEWON CLASS), Jung Da-bin (MY SASSY GIRL), Park Ju-hyun (A PIECE OF YOUR MIND), and Nam Yoon-su write their profiles and take us through the hashtags that describe them best! #theyaresocute

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  1. Nam Yoon Su reminds me of Sung Joon & then somebody else when he smiles bc of his dimples….I just can't think of him…hmm…

  2. i must say that all the characters are great. they conveyed their roles as to what expected. i'm on my last two episodes already. hehe great jobs you guys! congrats!

  3. I too want a 2nd Season. But, how can Ji Soo survive physically & psychologically. Who can save his life? And how can he pay his Karmic debt? It will REQUIRE continued STELLAR WRITING. 💬 🤔 ?❓? Perhaps, the School Counselor comes & saves Ji Soo on the stairs, while Gyuri has already left to take her Flight quickly to Australia. SHARING MY HUMBLE IMAGININGS FURTHER:
    The School Counselor is motivated out of sheer GUILT & FEELING RESPONSIBLE for his imagined failings; even if breaking the law to aid Ji Soo (tied to that "exploding" backstory).
    The Counselor (Bachelor) decides to dedicate his life to saving & rebuilding Ji Soo's life. And the Counselor has his own larger backstory that helps to fill the void of Mr. Lee; with colorful connections to pull it off. Perhaps, Ji Soo ultimately becomes a Hacker "unofficially" aiding Law Enforcement on the war against Sex-trafficking. And yes, years later Gyuri & Ji Soo meet-up under very different circumstances. JUST MY DAYDREAMING . . .

  4. ACTING CAST 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟💐
    WRITING 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟💐
    TYPECASTING 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟💐
    Every line, every scene was 100% believable. Very intense. And Mr. Lee in particular spoke so well with just his eyes.

  5. I have a question is that this drama is a Netflix series which is not aired on any korean channel.does this mean it will not get any nomination in kdrama award? Plz someone tell me .

  6. Sejauh ini, ini drama anak sekolahan dan keseluruhan drama yang gw tonton, yang paling kerennn.. Terutama di taun 2020 ini sih. Tiap karakternya ajib banget, dari yang pemeran utama sampe yang bukan, aktingnya mantap, cerita, alur apalagi, pesannya juga dapet banget, dan paling gw suka itu setting sama tampilannya natural banget kek real life, gak kek kebanyakan drama tema sekolahan yang tampilan pemainnya tipikal idol semua, make upnya terutama. Kualitasnya udah film sih ini. Gila, gila big applause buat sutradara, penulis skenario dan timnya semua sih 👏😄

  7. only a little comments about Park Joohyun… the first reason i watched this because of her! im in love with her charatcter as Jisoo in Half of Half, and im very happy seeing her here! I believe in her acting!

  8. I was a bit surprised when I learned the fact that this is Nam Yunsu's first drama, aa…. It looks like Rain's face. Lol

  9. These guys have a bright future ahead, I can tell because of the amount of effort and passion they put into the show. I can't wait to see what the future holds for them

    If you don't mind me, I'll be waiting for that season 2 to come😭😭

  10. The only real crime here is that there isn't enough extracurricular content on this app!!! How am I supposed to survive til season 2 😩😩

  11. I dropped this show and was wondering if I should continue? One of the reasons is that the female lead is unbearably annoying (esp first 2 eps that I have to say the audacity) I watched til ep 6 where everything goes down the drain. Was wondering what comes after this? Is it worth my time? What to expect?

  12. I hope Park Juhyun will have more kdrama series because I can't get enough on her on Extracurricular!!!!! I LOVED THE SHOWWWWW


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