This guide covers everything you need to know about ADC Miss Fortune (check below for Timestamps). Builds are selected after analysing the best Pro & Solo Q players. There’s plenty of options in Builds to fit your situation. If you want to gain an advantage, there are many tips throughout this guide. Want to know how to combo? All minor and major combo’s are covered in the “Combos” section. Even specific match-ups are covered.

Remember to save this video to a Playlist, or simply bookmark it, and come back to it when it’s convenient for you, since it’s a lot of information to watch in one go. Of course, if you really want to watch it all in one sitting, go ahead! If you have a question about the guide, ask it in the comments below.

➤ ABILITIES (Tip to gain an advantage) – 0:59
● Love Tap (Passive) – 0:59 , Double Up – 1:54 , Strut – 2:59 , Make It Rain – 4:06 , Bullet Time – 4:51

➤ BUILDS (Cheat Sheets, Runes, Items, Strategy, Tips) – 6:30
1. Press The Attack / Bork – 7:06
2. Dark Harvest Burst – 8:03
3. Standard ADC / Conqueror / PTA – 8:34
4. Arcane Comet Poke – 9:15
5. Tank Shredder / Conqueror – 9:55
6. E-Max Build – 10:24
7. Full Ultimate Bot – 10:56
8. Kleptomancy Build – 11:29

● Popular Safe 2nd Path (Magical Footwear + Biscuit Delivery) – 12:08

● Special Tips + Item Interactions – 12:26
– Youmuu’s, Edge of Night, Duskblade, Rapid Fire Cannon, Black Cleaver, Executioners Calling, Berserker’s Greaves, Farsight Alteration

● Lethality vs Crit Items – 13:55

➤ COMBOS – 14:23
● Auto Q, Trade Combo, Flash Auto Q, Full Optimal Combo, PTA Full Combo, Q Ult Surprise, Edge of Night Combo, RFC Combo

➤ GAMEPLAY – 17:26
● Early Game / Laning Phase, After Laning, Mid to Late + Teamfights

➤ MATCHUPS + SYNERGIES (Summary + Groups + Tips) – 21:45
● ADC Matchups: Immobile – 22:42 , Dash/Blink – 25:05 , Unique – 27:09
● Support Synergies – 29:07
● Support Threats (Summary) – 32:50

● Tips to combat weaknesses – 34:40

➤ DON’T GET COCKY – 35:39


➤ Highest Rank Achieved: Challenger in S8. At least Diamond 4 in every role.

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  1. Awesome videos as well , I've found your guides helpful, but could you make an ultimate guide for irelia. I would appreciate it cheers❤

  2. I'm glad you're coming back soon.

    Short story: About a year ago I picked up Azir for the first time and fell madly in love with him.
    But I was so bad. So very, very, very bad.

    I did tons of research, and absolutely nothing was as helpful as your Season 9 Azir video. I watched it over, and over, taking mental notes and going back and forth to take everything you said to heart.

    A year later I've climbed from Silver 4 to Plat and I'm still going! Hoping to hit diamond for the first time too.

    My Azir is sitting at a pretty 600k mastery points, running towards my first One million points champion, when I first saw your video and had literally just gotten him to M7.

    I love him so much, he's the perfect champion for me and I don't think I can thank you enough for giving me the stepping stone I needed towards learning such an imposing and intense champion to get into.

    All the love in the world, I hope you're truly doing okay, and I look forward to more content if you find the time or motivation to do so 🙂 <3

  3. Sad to see this channel is dead. This is his latest video, 9 months old. Really sucks, cause these are the best tutorials i've found by far.

    Edit: Ok nvm im wrong.

  4. I’m new to the game and I play Miss fortune and I literally got lost when you were talking about builds bc I’m not sure what to build into the items lol

  5. he says prock. what does prock even mean?
    e.g. "if you switch targets you will prock it, but if you don't you will only prock it once.

  6. 15:03
    Lulu might have just wanted to escape but I'd like to believe that she flashed away to avoid MF's Q bounce for more dramatic impact

  7. Take a breath Information is great but it's one big run on sentence. When new info hit I had to keep pausing. Like I said GREAT KNOWLEDGE but energy drinks before an instructional video may not be the best idea.

  8. I have always been bad with marksmen. In both lol and ml. But since I won the ultimate skin of her in my first chest (I'm new to the game), I'm trying to learn her. Hope this guide will help.

  9. This video has broken my jhin losing streak. I was so stuck playing him
    Trying mf with this guide made me actually carry..thanks so much!

  10. im a top and jng main. i hate botlane so much… but miss fortune is just the only adc that is fun to me.. AND BOY WHAT A FUN! i found her yesterday for me and i got her already lvl 4. and i did a freaking penta in the baronpit with 1 ult! this was so much fun 😀 ty for the vid

  11. This is pretty good but your accent makes it hard to understand, and I'm fluent in english. Add accurate captions next time.

  12. I watch a lot of your vids and I love them. This one probably has my favourite visual design, thanks for doing these

  13. When he was talking about good supports for miss fortune, all I could think was: Yuumi is the best support for her. She CC’s with her alt, has heals, speed boosts, and extra damage. Perfect for her.


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