MSI B450 Gaming Pro Carbon AC Unboxing & Overview


In this video, Paul unboxes the MSI B450 Gaming Pro Carbon AC, goes through everything included in the box, including the motherboard itself and it’s feature set in an overview. We will be doing a full review of this Ryzen 2000 motherboard, so consider this a taster.

As part of this video, you can also win yourself a Ryzen processor by following the link below. For clarity this is NOT a sponsored video and we receive no kickbacks from you entering the competition.


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  1. I was swindled into buying an optical drive. Guy told me it was necessary. I'm returning it to get that 40 bucks back to be put to better use.

  2. I have issues with this board when paired with a 3700x, sometimes it doesn’t post, sometimes showing only a red cpu light. Once it boots it’s fine, even under stress testing. The motherboards box had a Ryzen 3000 ready sticker on it. I’ve tried the latest bios and others too, but still get the dreaded red light issue half the time I boot. Psu was moved from a previous build (rm 850), ram is on the compatibility list on Msi website (Corsair vengeance lpx 3200, c16)

    I’ve spent hours trying to figure what’s causing it but I’ve finally given up.


  3. How many 5v addressable connectors does it have? Its Amazon page is confusing and staying none, but other sites state two.

  4. I was creasinnn you know its bad to put the motherboard on the anti static bag as the outside isnt good for the motherboard and u also grabbed the motherboard from the back aswell

  5. Very informative but i wasnt quite hooked to keep watchng the video and the camera was failing to focus maybe turn focusing off?

  6. Hello, I came by here because I just received mine today, but might have received a returned one instead of a brand new one. So I'm trying to find out : was your box sealed before you opened it to take your review paper out? and how was the static bag containing the MB hold closed in your case ? Do you happen to remember those ?

    In my case, the MB-box had it's "middle strip" right open when I looked into my package, and also the static bag was closed down by some grid-patterned tape where I expected the whole border of the bag to be sealed. Was it any different in your case ?

    On the other hand, side stuff like cables/screws/driver cd all look clean and unopened so I might give it a go, but I had to ask it for my peace of mind haha.
    Have a nice weekend !


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