My 1st Custom PC Build !


Just a time lapse and some attempted B-Roll of my first ever PC build. All shot on my Samsung S7. Hope you enjoy and don’t forget to like. Thanks for watching ; )

The components:
-AMD Ryzen 2600
-MSI B450 Gaming Pro Carbon AC
-Gigabyte GTX1660
-HyperX Predator RGB 2x8GB at 3200MHz
-Bequiet Pure Rock
-Cooler Master MWE GOLD 550w
-Cooler Master MB530P RGB Mid Tower
-Western Digital 500GB optical drive
-Seagate 500BG super slim hybrid drive

I hope to make some small upgrades in the near future ; )

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“Android Porn” by Kraddy

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  1. Tip: prob shouldnt spend over 100$ on a case if your building a pc that costs 700$ – Dont get a 550 Gold psu for a 1660 either

  2. Bro. My friend recently got a problem. There's supposed to be 12 pins at the cpu power supply socket right? But he doesn't have a modular psu. So he put in only 8 pins and his pc is heating could you please tell me if you have to cover all the 12 pins

  3. You mounted the Cpu cooler Wrong. The fan needs to be on the right.
    Youre making it getting hot air inside the case and not outside.

  4. Are you required to install the nahimic drivers for audio to properly function on this board? Nahimic software seems like a headache for me and I'd rather avoid it

  5. Nice build..may i know hows the GPU ??.did u face any problems ?? Any heating or coil whining issue ??
    As im gonna buy the same card

  6. Msi b450 carbon AC has issues with Ryzen 5 3600? I'm playing to buy this two for my build.( My budget is 1000 USD )

  7. Bro,so whats ur cpu temp in idle mode?Mine around 50c,is it normal?FYI,i'm using AIO 240 cooler …

    Mine using same mobo as urs too…

  8. Rotate that CPU cooler. Think about airflow. Instead pushing all hot air from CPU right onto GPU, make it push throught CPU heatsink out to the exhaust fan.

  9. just a quick question your cpu cooling fan is facing upward.. why didnt you face it to the rear? how is the temps?


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