NCT 127 – "Highway To Heaven" Live | MTV EMA 2019


NCT 127 light up the stage with their performance of “Highway to Heaven” live at the MTV EMA 2019 in Seville!

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  1. These boys are my highway to Heaven
    And I can never shout my mouth when I’m talking about them
    This love I have for them is real good
    Never let me get back to how I used to be without them
    I was on my highway to Hell until my highway to heaven reached me
    (Some lyrics in that horrible comment)

  2. They did so well but the camera work was so disappointing and I feel like the fans couldn't see the performance because of the fog and smoke

  3. Ini kamera ngapa dah 😑😑 kagak profesional bet , yg nyanyi siapa yg di sorot sapa 😑 kebanyakan semprot menyemprot asap pula , gue pen focus kagak bisa 😑😑 ini kritik yg membangun ya pleasee

  4. I’ve listened to a little bit of NCT 127 and the other groups and they’re fine. But this song I really like. But to me it didn’t sound like they singing live the whole duration, you can see them miming. Camera work was rubbish, couldn’t really see the members, especially considering this was the first K-pop act on EMAS. They needed to show them better.

  5. Is there a reason kpop groups always have a ridiculous number of members? I swear one day there will be a group with 20 people


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