Watch ‘Ridin’ & Rollin” Ver. here ➫
Watch ‘Ridin” Ver. here ➫
Watch ‘Rollin” Ver. here ➫

NCT DREAM’s new album “Reload” is out!
Listen and download on your favorite platform:
🎬’Ridin” MV ➫

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  1. OMG, I think Zhong Chenle look the best with blue black hair,. He so cute and cool in the same time,. Please give him more support, I think his eyes look so sad I dont know why..

  2. I'm curious…. why all video about nct dream set in nct 127 neozone playlist? Ohm, on next project maybe? Hm… i wont expect

  3. 내가 착각한 게 아니었네 천러가 지성이한테 얘기한 건 어디갔냐고 댓글 달았었는데 왜 편집한건지 변명이라도 하던가 이거 보고 시즈니들이 아무말안하고 넘어갈 줄 안건지 실수라고해도 좀 화가 나는데 그만큼 확인도 제대로 안해봤다는 것 같아서 ㅋㅋㅋㅋ 안그래도 지금 떡밥있는 것들 엄청 띄엄띄엄 올라오고 애들 홍보 자체도 제대로 안하고 그 놈의 에스엠 기술력 자랑하느라고 비욘드만 오지게 홍보해대고 5년차인 애들을 예능 방송에서마저 볼 일이 없는거에 화가 나는데 그나마 푸는 유튜브라도 제대로 좀 해주세요 뭐 하나라도 제대로 해야죠 그래도 대형기획사인데

  4. SM lu baru bertindak pas udh di bilangin, lu mikir dong SM , perlakukan semua member dengan baik dong jngn karna chenle china line lu seenak jidatt, buktinya renjun jga tuh, ih kesel. bet gw

  5. please check my VOCAL DANCE COVER of NCT DREAM RIDIN
    Thank you💚💚💚💚💚

  6. Jisung all excited to turn 20
    Members "nothing's gonna change" "don't expect too much"

    Indeed, that's NCT Dream you're watching! Hahah but in all seriousness, their messages to each other were really nice (esp Jeno and Chenle's for me) ^^

  7. Everyone is talking that first sm didnt put what chenle says, but no one is talking about the messeg it self, I mean, is really sad. Jisung, I love you, and we, your fans, are always going to suport you ❤️

  8. Im glad they finally put Chenle part back in,it should have never been taken out in the first place,fighting chenle,fighting dream,you guys did amazing with your come back. Dream ot7

  9. 00line we same age, i'm follow u since u rookies and i'm at shs, and this year we officially 20th, i feel we grow up together tears ㅠㅠ (sorry for bad english)

  10. I'm happy being a sijeuni.. They deserve well💚Stant talent, Stan visual, Stant comedians, Stan Them (NCT) Thank you NCT Dream for always works hard and thank you for debut. Please always healty and always happy. We will be sad if you guys sad, and be happy if you guys happy. But don't try to hard to look happy because you guys is a human too. You guys can be sad, can be exhausted, can be angry, can be happy. Don't hear the bad words from haters, You guys deserve world, And SM Entertaiment please treat all the members well, Thank you💚 We love you guys so much, and always by your side💚 Hwaitingg!!
    -From Sijeuni🌱

  11. And now, i don't know how to explain my word in thats video. But, literally im so proud of u:). I am a new nctzen, but literally i watch your spirit to make your czennies proud, and to make your dreams come true in that. Once again, im so happy to watch your spirit and make dreams come true. I really really PROUD OF U NCT😭💓

  12. Subtitles finally!! Now I can be even more emotional. Especially Jeno’s words to Jaemin and Jaemin replying in a cute voice. My NoMin heart can’t take it 😭😍

  13. Subtitles finally!! Now I can be even more emotional. Especially Jeno’s words to Jaemin and Jaemin replying in a cute voice. My NoMin heart can’t take it 😭😍


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