Office Sounds Ambience – Background Noise for Study and Work


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An office soundscape to help you focus.

A nice ambience if you are working from home and want to help stay in a work mindset (especially if you have kids and can hear them running around downstairs!) Also good if you are a student studying for a final and want to mask the noise of your housemates!

This Office ambience is actually quite soft and relaxing in it’s own way, but it also helps kick your brain into a more active thinking mode simply due to association. There is also a soft white/brown noise effect due to the air conditioning units.

Enjoy, and I hope you get your work done – you can do it!

(If you want to loop the vide overnight, just right-click the video and select ‘loop’)


I created Comforting Ambience to share the relaxing day-to-day sounds that often bring comfort to us and our children. Thanks for listening, if you enjoy these recordings then please subscribe to my channel, new videos are uploaded every week. Thank you!

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  1. Is there any way to get a longer version of this that's continuous? I know I can loop but there's a several second delay from the end to the beginning and if I'm on a call when it happens, it's very noticeable. Would you have a 4 hour version? I love this one so much.

  2. me, doing homework in silence: cant focus
    me, putting on any other video: cant focus cuz of the ringing phones and conversations that i normally eavesdrop on instead of doing homework
    this: perfect
    hotel? trivago (is that still a thing? lol)

  3. I love this one, really reminds me of my old office – photocopiers humming in the background, muffled conversations a few tables away, and me tapping away on my keyboard.

  4. This is great. I'm here at home, in between jobs, and applying for my next full time office opportunity. I definitely needed this background sound to get me in focus and remind me of my future return (this will take place; I'm feeling determined) working in a corporate setting.

  5. This is great to use when trying to talk on your cell phone with thin walled apartment trolls around you! "white noise" helps mask yours! LOL

  6. This is great. I love the keyboard sounds and muted conversation. I love that there aren't phones or other loud, distracting noises. Perfect for what I need.

  7. no crazy phones ringing constantly. no loud conversations. simulates my office pretty good. love this one. set's me in place well.

  8. Best background video I've listened to so far. Writing up a 4000 word document overnight requires focus so this really got me motivated. Much thanks~!


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