Reliable Data Storage on the Cheap!


Are expensive NAS units your only option to expand your storage reliably? I think not…

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  1. Raspberry Pi4, USB 3.1 multi-bay external drive bay, samba config for file shares, your fav streaming service for your media library, and urBackup software. A cheap as hell NAS server that does agent based backups.

  2. can you guys revisit this topic? i want to store my data, games library, etc separately from my laptop (which i replace almost yearly) cheaply, efficiently, and safely. my internet on campus sucks, so re-downloading and cloud storage are a pain. i dont know anything about servers so a guide for 2020 would be awesome

  3. I’m trying to figure out if I can put basic WD 12tb my book Drives. Shuck them and put them in my Thunder Bay 4 anyone have any tips??

  4. And what if I want a reliable external archival / backup drive with RAID 1 and two disks only? With my needs, 4TB (x2 for mirror) should be good for like next 20 years, so I don't want to build a 4 bay NAS when just two bays and USB3 connection would be totally fine for me.

  5. Upon further review and my own research, getting a pre-built computer usually seriously limits the number of drive bays for redundancy. You'll be lucky to get bays for two drives. Sure, you can also hijack a 5.25" optical bay, but that leaves you only three drives. Four is really the sweet spot IMHO because then you can do RAID10…striping and mirroring.

    Can you do a video about adding hard drive bays to an old OptiPlex or something?

  6. "Not to mention the crappy, unintuitive management software."

    Flashes an HBA card to "IT Mode" to make it work.

    I'll stick to my Synology NAS, thank you very much. Synology's management software is so simple even I can understand how to use it.

  7. All is nice and dandy yeah; but then when it comes to prices of the server class hard drives were at home again! Why propagate ebay and used hardware, especially the old power hog components as an excuse to expensive usable nas and expansions? Start off small but get yourself proven ready to go equipment.

  8. Your videos provide so much value, that I'm letting the long video ad play while I type this. I appreciate all you guys teach us!


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