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Anime:- Revisions
Japanese:- revisions リヴィジョンズ



Type: TV
Episodes: Unknown
Status: Not yet aired

“Revisions revisions” broadcasting in January 2019! 

○ Introduction 
Goro Taniguchi × Fukami Shin × Minamioka Na × White pair 
Individuality Creator members give advice, youth (hub nail) “disaster” (panic) group image (ensemble) 

that day seven years ago she said. 
Someday a great crisis will come. It is only me that can protect everyone. 
Nobody believes in the prophecies, but I train everyday and I always keep my precious members. 
I received one mail from me and four of my friends so that I admit such a thing. 
so. At the time of prophecy, it finally came … …! 

Director Goro Taniguchi continues to attract world’s animation fans such as the 36th Nebula Award (Animation Division) winning work “Planetes” and “Code Geass Lelouch of the Rebellion”. Series composition · Screenplay is Fukami true of the “PSYCHO-PASS Psychopath” series which makes the character’s daily life and darkness attractive. Character design original draft is a soft texture that delicately figures out people “Wake Up, Girls! “Naoki Okuoka. The animation production is in charge of the white group which produced many shaking movies such as “Eternal 0”, “ALWAYS Sanchome no Sunset”.


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  1. MC pissed me off every second of this anime. I only finished it because I had to see what happened to my pink hair waifu.

  2. Guys I have already watched the movie but I was wondering if there has season 2 Cause I don't want it to end.. please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm begging you creator please make another one It really made cry .. please for the sake of us please….

  3. This anime was awesome! The animation and story was amazing! I kinda wish there were more episodes though. I recommend this anime alot.

  4. I want to enjoy the show but the main character was very irritating. Has an extreme hero complex and seems to revel in the suffering of others so he can feel like he has a purpose to go save them. I'm on episode 6 of 12 but I don't think I can watch it anymore. If they have a second season get rid of him he's no hero.

  5. One thing I'm starting to hate watching this, is how cocky the main guy is. The one that gets the suit first. I'm just want to strangle him man!

  6. Meet Daisuke a pompous brat who is extremely unlikable and an annoying psychopath.
    Watching him sprout his nonsense is worse than nails on a chalkboard.

  7. Guys this anime isn’t from the same creators that made Darling in the FRANXX 😂 even though I wish, but this anime is amazing! Stop comparing it to Darling in the FRANXX they are both amazing shows and they are in my top 10 list

  8. Man, Netflix just put this anime and daisuke, I think the voice actor is from eren from attack on Titan???? Hopefully no one already had this. And the girl with the pigtails sounds like the voice actor from seven deadly sins Elizabeth. I might be totally wrong. This was English audio.

  9. This anime is already on Netflix and the storyline is amazing, although many people dislike this kind of CG animation but this Anime 😍really is a good one.Huge robot suits and epic fight scenes are everywhere.And early reminder plz have tissues for the ending 😭😭


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