[Sep 03] BT21 items at L7 Hongdae Line Friends Store (taken by LG BTS phone)


The video was taken on Sep 03, and afterwards, the items got available online!

Hopefully this video is helpful for all of ARMYs and BT21 fans who are planning to visit Hongdae soon!

What we found on this day
: Monopoly x BT21 goods became available at L7 Hongdae!
: Short sleeve Tshirts were gone, and hoodies were displayed!
: Puzzles were also available
: Stationery items were displayed at conspicuous places (seemed like it was because the new semester has started)

00:24 BT21 Travel Cushions
02:03 BT21 Puzzles
04:10 MANG
04:46 CHIMMY
05:10 KOYA
05:30 RJ
05:44 VAN
06:00 SHOOKY
06:21 COOKY
06:30 TATA

Let’s go shopping together with #SSWB

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