Soon We'll Cure Diseases With a Cell, Not a Pill | Siddhartha Mukherjee | TED Talks


Current medical treatment boils down to six words: Have disease, take pill, kill something. But physician Siddhartha Mukherjee points to a future of medicine that will transform the way we heal.

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  1. It’s March 2020…
    Let’s see in this next year what happens. I’m hearing things about a new world. New health.

  2. Don’t hold your breath. We can’t even offer regular affordable health care. How will this be affordable? And if it’s possible to create this, it won’t be available for many decades.

  3. Be nice to see in depth Food as Medicine Research. "Science of Medicine is the noblest science that human beings have ever been able to develop." ~ Some Aspects of Health and Healing, Baha'i Faith

  4. Has anyone Watched HEAL Documentary on Netflix? (Bruce Lipton, Dr Joe Dispenza, David Hamilton etc.)

  5. Culturing your own cells to resolve your own health issues? Nope! Not in the US, thanks to the FDA. Cultured cells are a "drug", says the FDA.

  6. If he is bengali, he has such a crisp accent.

    Anyway, back to the video.
    This was an amazing presentation. The delivery and approach were outstanding.
    Great work!!

  7. Honestly, this is a very great concept. However, cells are so complex that if you change even one tiny thing, it could do more harm than good.

  8. The SAVIOUR KING LORD GOD JESUS CHRIST-⏺️||⛪✝️-🚖||Holy Cross-🏎️||My KING JESUS-Good video||A Christianity poetic Art by me and A few words by me-JESUS is the the Reason to come back in Life in destroyed times like the small plant is given waters in the land near by the plant because of the rain of JESUS that these waters saves the small plant.The KING LORD GOD JESUS CHRIST bless
    and save this program and the matters related to it.

  9. incredible, not a single talk of nutrition as the base cure for ALL disease..
    no other species has ''disease''..i havent been sick in 30 years..i copy and promote the l;ifestyle of First Nation people,. and how children naturally..
    medicines come from Nature, not labratories..designed for profit and patents..
    the incredible info of how vaccines are weaponised coming out now, proves that most science is a religion, no one understands their language except science, a religion..
    and is tied to pharma in a structured profit geared way..

    this man talks about the body like its a project not a living reactive organism ..all ''sickness'' is a reaction to reactive altered foods, and environment..
    no science experiments are carried out.. out side, to prove reactive honesty and empirical evidence..
    all science is conducted in controlled ways inside away from natural reactives, that would cause controlled experiments invalid..
    Nature renders ALL science invalid, because it operates as a reactive in a natural medium, science conducts ALL its process in hostile against Nature mediums, on seperate species, not human saying they are equivalent..
    again, moronic and false..
    empirical evidence is a necessity for truth in outcome, science has never applied natural labs, as it doesnt understand the concept..

    all ''disease'' is easily treated in a lifestyle that functions on anti inflammatory aspects, and limiting input due to outcome and must include Native Foods or equivalent..

    and temp based diets…the success I have had with this approach would make most scientists.. faint..

    disease is a result and reaction..not a cause…the cause is the input, as PROFESSOR.. Antoine Beauchamp..
    proved this over 200 years ago..''Blood the Fifth Element'' AND PROVING IT WAS THE TERRAIN NOT THE ORGANISM.
    Ways to verify the Germ aspect, simply dump rubbish in the bush on a continual basis, and see what happens, the bush copes or is overwhelmed by disease, exactly the same principal applies to ALL life..
    if we eat junk food..that alters our biology, the organisms that feed on that ..come…

    health is mindbendly simple, but profit and complication creates the divide..there is no money or power in simplicity and cure..its that simple…ego is a massive stalling point as well..

  10. 10out 4people suffering from backpain , disc problem
    10years from hearing stemcell treatment future promise , where?

  11. I’ve become very pessimistic about curing cancer. About a decade ago when the promise of stem cells was the rage I was very optimistic but now ten years later most of the stem cell research and companies funded it have folded and with it the promise of a cure. The truth is we really do not understand cancer and as these researchers found out that the more we learn the more we discover that the less we know. When I look at the state of cancer today and most frontline treatment is still radiation which was the main treatment 60 years ago is a very sobering reality at how little progress we have made. Yes the earlier detection and screening is better but once you have cancer it is really generally a death sentence. Even the hope of immunotherapy is limited to one type of cancer and recent trials with pancreatic cancer showed no improvements. The problem is that we really do not understand cancer and the various forms and stimuli which makes it so difficult to beat. When I hear idiotic politicians of both sides with the latest being Joe Biden saying we will cure cancer in 4 years if he’s elected is as Sid said stupid. It’s not a political issue. It’s something that will still be here In all of our lifetimes. There is no cure round the corner.

  12. Pneumonia is caused by Many Viruses and Bacteria and a weak body filled with "treatment drugs". Look up Heat and Cancer Drugs.

  13. 1:14 find it's target… Yes, but the same way a nuclear warhead would find its target in Kim Jong-Un's swimming pool…along with it killing the whole of Pyongyang…same with antibiotics, collaterally damaging your beneficial microbiome. So yes, you're definitely killing something! I really like your 'upward' approach… Instead of blocking and killing, feeding and upregulating. The same with your microbiome: stimulate the good guys, eat good food, and benefits will come without collateral damage from an often overdosed chemical. Great insights Dr. Mukherjee! Thanks

  14. Taking the mark; altering the DNA to become your own god eventually right? You want everyone to believe that your intentions are benevolent, but they are nefarious and are already cannibalizing unborn children to give you this false hope. Where you think stimcells come from? The murderers of the innocent will be judged by the LORD JESUS CHRIST!

  15. "Ye shall not surely die.." hissssssssss!!! Don't buy what your selling Satan; Jesus Christ is the only way to eternal life.

  16. Yes. In the next few years, medical innovations will be all about utilizing the best of healthcare technologies.


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