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Avast! Premier 2017 is the company’s premium security suite, and includes an antivirus engine, firewall, browsing protection and browser cleanup tool.

The suite builds on Avast Internet Security with an automated software update tool, which can not only alert you to new updates, but download and install them as well.

Another big extra is a military-grade data shredder, which can wipe important files, documents and other personal data, and ensure there’s no chance they can be recovered.

Installation is simple and straightforward. Compatibility seems good, too, with the package running happily alongside Bitdefender Internet Security on our test PC.

The program interface is clean and very easy to use. Just click “Run Smart Scan” and Avast immediately runs a quick check for malware, missing software updates, network vulnerabilities, even looks for weak passwords and junk files.

When it’s finished, clicking “Resolve all” allows you to review the results and fix whatever the program has found.

The 2016 version extended the package with a new password manager. This generates strong passwords on demand, stores and fills them locally, and syncs them with free iOS and Android apps.

The network security scanner detects more router vulnerabilities and displays extra details.

WebShield has switched to a smarter and more compatible system of HTTPS scanning, as used in Firefox, Chrome and Opera.

The interface has been optimised and improved.

A new SafeZone browser does an even better job of protecting your web transactions from keyloggers and other malware, and has some useful extras thrown in (ad blocker, video downloading for offline viewing).

Please note, the program will by default install Google Toolbar. If that’s not what you want, pay attention during setup and clear the relevant checkbox when it appears.

What’s new in 2017 17.5.3559

– New feature: Ransomware Shield (for Internet Security and Premier)
– New warning system on dashboard
– Warnings added to notification center
– Redesigned some popups
– Notification counter added to tray icon

Avast Premier 2017 is a versatile, easy-to-use and configurable security suite. Avast Internet Security 2017 is almost as capable, security-wise, though – it’s just missing the automated software updating and data shredder – and could be a better choice for many users.



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