Starred Freckles – Watercolor + Gouache Painting Timelapse


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“Her face was like the night sky…you could almost trace out the constellations with her star-like freckles…”

lol i didn’t mean for the end to line up like that honestly xDDD;;;. too lazy to re-export. just exporting took me over an hour @_@;;. i hope the subscriber button works! i’ve no idea what i’m doing tbh hahaha.

Moleskine Watercolour Sketchbook:
Winsor & Newton Designer Gouache:
Holbein Acryla Gouache:
Toothbrush to flick white paint for stars.

I buy my brushes at local art stores.

Music: Chopin Ballade no 4, op52 in F minor, performed by
Frank Levy.
both performance and piece are public domain, courtesy of



  1. Hey guys~ So I'm not dead. I have stage 4 fibrosis sarcoma cancer, but I'm not dead yet, just letting everyone know. So don't go around going "rip" or "i'll miss you" please, it's kindaaaa a downer and pretty rude ngl. Just lemme live lmao. oh, and chances of my posting on this a lot is getting a lil smaller for the foreseeable future. just for now. I still have stuff to post tho, I just don't have the energy or time to edit and post it, sorry ^^;;~

  2. the pin said "I just don't have the energy or time to edit and post it, sorry ^^;;~"
    she dont want us to feel bad…
    such a nice liar.

  3. This was my favorite creation of her, even though I'm not an artist, I was always mesmerized when I looked at her drawings, I hope now you're painting the skies, Qinni!

  4. When I saw this video I was maybe 9 years old, he make me fall in love with the stars, Now she is one of them, rest in peace Sweetheart ❤️✨

  5. Let’s face it, Qinni is one of the most prominent watercolor artists in the online community. Most artists have seen at least one of her works.

    I remember seeing this piece specifically years ago. Everyone had it as their profile pictures for a time or it was constantly being shared across platforms. It made me want to start drawing and painting, which I still do today.

    I stumbled across her a few months ago. I rediscovered her art. I scrolled through her posts and saw she was struggling with cancer. Ultimately, I thought she would get through it. She started making more and more concerning posts and I just hoped she would get through it. I stopped getting her art recommended in my feed for a few weeks and looked her up to see how she was doing. It turned out the previous day she had pass. Looking at the pinned comment feels like a punch in the gut.

    This for Qinni, an impactful artist who made her mark on the art community and will definitely be remembered: Thank you. For everyone you inspired to keep going or to start doing art.

  6. This artwork is so iconic to me, when I was younger I saw it while scrolling around and basically anywhere I went and it honestly never got old
    I always thought

    "Damn, hope I get on that level one day"

    It was one of those things I aspired to be able to create. Just thought I should say that.

    Rest in peace and among the stars Qinni, you'll have a special place in my growth as an artist. Though you won't be able to read this, I felt like getting it off my chest. I never really found out who created your piece until you died, which was a shame to say the least.

    Hope you're enjoying your current state of existence or non-existence in the afterlife✨

  7. Sucks that I discovered this amazing artist through her death. She made some amazing stuff and I wish that I had followed her before her passing. R.I.P.


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