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탕종을 사용하여 우유식빵을 만들어 보았습니다.
탕종은 익반죽으로 빵의 노화도 느리고, 촉촉, 탄력성이 좋습니다. 서양보다는 아시안사람들에게 특히 인기가 있습니다.^^

탕종 :강력분 40g 물 200g

강력분580g 설탕 60g 소금12g 이스트10g 분유10g(생략가능) 우유260g 계란 50g 탕종 실온의 무염버터 50g 계란물 (계란노른자+우유)

40g bread flour 200g water
580g bread flour 60g sugar 12g salt 10g dry yeast 10g dry milk 260g milk 50g egg Tangzhong 50g room temperature of unsalted butter

1. 팬에 탕종재료인 밀가루와 물을 넣고 잘 풀어준다음 중약불에서 익반죽인 탕종을 만들어줍니다.
2. 탕종을 냉장보관6시간 이상 보관뒤, 사용하기 1시간전에 실온에두어 실온상태의 탕종을 사용합니다.
3.믹싱볼에 강력분, 이스트,설탕, 소금, 분유를 넣고 가볍게 섞어줍니다.
4. 우유와 계란, 탕종을 넣고 저속으로 낱가루가 보이지 않도록 믹싱합니다.
5. 낱가루가 보이지 도록 돌린 반죽에 실온의 말랑한 버터를 넣고 저속으로 믹싱합니다.
6. 버터가 반죽에 스며들어 유분이 겉돌이 않는다면 고속으로 돌려 반죽합니다.
7. 반죽을 동글게 말아 40~1시간 정도 발효시켜줍니다.
8. 손가락 테스트를 한뒤 완성된 반죽은 무게를 잰뒤 같은 무게로 6등분하여줍니다.
9. 6등분한 반죽을 동글리기한뒤 15분 휴지시킵니다.
10. 반죽을 성형한뒤 식빵틀에 넣고 30분 발효합니다.
11. 반죽에 계란물을 바르고 180도로 예열된 오븐에서 25~30분 구워줍니다.


1. For the Tangzhong, mix 40g bread flour with 200g water in a saute pan. Turn on medium heat and keep stirring until mixture thickens to a paste.
2. Refrigerate for 6 hours. Bring out to room temperature 1 hour before use.
3. Add bread flour, sugar, salt, dry yeast, powdered milk to a mixing bowl and mix gently with dough hook attachment.
4. At low speed, mix in milk and egg and Tangzhong so that no flour is visible.
5. Add in room temperature unsalted butter and mix at low speed.
6. Slowly turn up the speed to high and mix until all dough sticks together.
7. Take the dough and fold it around and underneath itself shaping a smooth ball. Place dough in a bowl, cover with plastic wrap, and let it rest for 40 minutes to an hour.
8. Test the dough by poking your finger down into the middle. If the dough does not spring back, it is ready.
9. Divide the dough into 6 equal parts (by weight). Take one piece of dough and fold it over itself. Turn it 90 degrees, slap it on table and fold it over itself again. Using both hands, mold the dough into a ball. Repeat with rest of dough. Cover with plastic wrap and let it rest for 15 minutes.
10. Roll each ball of dough out flat. Fold flatten dough using thirds. Turn 90 degrees, and roll dough into a roll, pinching it together at the seam. Place 3 molded dough into a baking pan and let it rest for 30 minutes, letting it rise.
11. Brush with egg wash and bake in the oven, preheated to 355°F for 25-30 minutes.


40g bread flour
200g water

580g bread flour
60g sugar
12g salt
10g dry yeast
10g dry milk
260g milk
50g egg
50g room temperature of unsalted butter
egg wash (1 egg yolk + milk)

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  1. But here I am, eating instant noodles three days in a row and running out of toilet paper because I didn’t do my panic buying.

  2. hello if anyone can advise if I can use active yeast ( so I have to add more water) instead of instant yeast? I'm a beginner here so my question might be stupid but I made this dough and it did not rise at alll!!!

  3. Fuck you u need 1 month to make this bread idiot khikhikhi Kaka khikhikhi kikikikikikiki wilailuk toon toon toon toon toon

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  5. 이거 보고 맛있게 해먹었어요!
    저는 손으로 반죽해서 반죽시간이 길어서 그런지 식감이 살짝 뻑뻑했는데 우유를 조금 더 넣어도 괜찮을까요??


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