SWORD names / classification / terminology


We might think we know the names of swords, but often we have been misled. Well it’s time to clear the confusion, if there is any confusion to be had for your understanding of proper sword names might be right, or is it?



  1. Interesting topic, however I found the sporadic yelling and theatrics to be rather distracting and off-putting. That style works for creators like Pewdiepie because they're literally catering to children who respond to loud cartoonish personalities. If you're covering topics like this that cater to mostly adults however, there's really no need to bounce off the walls like you just snorted a pound of cocaine. If you presented this in a more calm and mature way, I don't think anything would be lost, and it would be more relaxing to watch for your mature audience. Just some food for thought.

  2. Who really cares, D&D is a game, the classification of swords is for the anally retentive, do not interfere in other peoples enjoyment of what they do in the leisure time, yes it might be nice for people to call things by their name, but there are as many different names for the swords as there are manufacturers, Bastardsword/ Hand and a half sword, Greatsword/2 hander etc

  3. I know this video is old but two people in my class think that in the Stone Age people rid mammoths and tamed saner tooth’s
    And they think that they hade arrows that they would set on fire in the Stone Age this is from a game misss infomashunnnnm

  4. I thought they gave the name "Broadsword" to the largest of the long swords due to their wider blades, requiring more handle and a thicker pommel.

  5. I love how he's got the charcoal(?) suit jacket, coal black cargo pants, tennies, and untucked Superman graphic T-shirt all in one.

  6. And where are all the other types of swords that are typical for at least Western Europe?
    I may not have listened carefully, but I didn't even hear the mention of the broadsword.
    Why are the differences between the Roman cavalry Spata and the Carolingian sword not revealed?
    Where did you lose flamberg? But the most sad fact is that you completely ignored swords with curved blades.

  7. I have played DnD for years. I know it's inaccurate from the monsters alone. Thank you for pointing that out. Also, thank you for clarifying. I do have a question. In Berserk, is Guts's sword on his back a Great Sword or something else entirely? I've never been sure.

  8. Maybe they could add extra hit rate for long and great swords in RPGs since enemies would get a harder time defending if they got a shorter weapon.

  9. Great video. D&D is set in alternate fantasy worlds with magic and all kinds of stuff that is different from medieval Europe so of course they have different names for somethings and different kinds of weapons. It's definitely not historically accurate but I would call the larger longsword a broadsword to distinguish it, because the blade does seem wider than the others, or possibly a claymore, if I were to ever do something so nerdy as run a D&D campaign..


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