"That was a PROPER Man Utd performance" | Roy Keane & Gary Neville on United's win over Man City


Roy Keane and Gary Neville give their thoughts on Manchester United’s 2-1 win over Manchester City in the Premier League, with Keane describing it as ‘a proper Manchester United performance.’

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  1. No fan of Utd or any other football fans could have known the answers to every think around the club.
    I still believe ole’s out of this depth tactical wise.
    With his knowledge of what it means to be a red, youth, sticking to his guns he’s getting more respect then ever.
    If that’s if ole’s holds his job, with another 3 players that will give everything for the shirt, an improve.
    With an experienced central midfielder.
    I can’t see how utd with everyone fit, rash on the left?
    Then there is a side to bring something powerful back to utd.
    Fear, respect, enjoyment, every thing we have not seen for years.
    All them years throwing money was always short term impact.
    Just maybe?
    With another 3 players, not matter who’s in charge?
    That’s the ground wrk to have a strong side years to come.
    With 4 experienced players in their this season with the youth an a striker then we should have been much more competitive.
    So after summer, that’s when I am expecting to be fighting on all fronts.
    All ?????s now

  2. Love Roy Keane 😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁

  3. You couldn’t make it up – rags now claiming rashford is the NEW ronaldo- omg ha ha ha. What with Phil – Duncan Edwards- Jones and the new Daniel George best James everyone else May as well go home😂😂😂😂. Didn’t we have this crap after the freak PSG result last season?! The bullshit never ends………….city have handed out some monster pastings to this lot recently but fortunately, mcfc have a lot more class.

  4. Fred has been growing in confidence game by game, he needs to remain in the midfield the entire season! There is a player in there. Him, Pogba, a creative midfielder and an out-an-out striker will do this January!

  5. Roy Keane could smile. He has it in him, but it must be consistent though. There is no point in doing it every 3 weeks.

  6. City fans still running a ‘save our Ole’ site. Reminds us of their fluke at PSG after which they were going to win the CL – then lost in next round ……….

  7. THE worst performance from CITY in Guardiola’s reign – against a Mid table mediocre outfit. And yet, city could still have won it. Harks back to the days when city treated any result against Utd as their cup final —roles reversed now………

  8. United only needs a good formation, even with the current squad they can qualify for UCL. I suggest 4213
    3 Rashford Martial James
    1 Pogba
    2 Fred Tominay
    4 Shaw Macguire Lindlof Bissaka
    De Gea

  9. Get that clown Woodward away from transfers and he might get a top 4 finish .squad is so short and we need matic and Jones to move on


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