The ARK Adventure Begins! | ARK Survival Evolved: The Island | Episode 1


ARK Survival Evolved – We’re beginning a new ARK era for 2019, playing through all of the ARK Survival Evolved maps starting with The Island and then going through the ARK maps in order!
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Welcome back to ARK Survival Evolved. The Island is the first map within ARK Survival Evolved and I decided that now I have a semi-decent amount of knowledge on ARK, maybe we could begin a new ARK era for 2019 where we play ALL of the ARK Survival Evolved maps in order. This is the first map, The Island! Enjoy!

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  1. Hey everyone! So I decided to begin a new era for ARK content on the PythonGB channel for 2019. Up until now, I feel like all of my playthroughs were me learning the game more than anything. This is me beginning anew with a semi-decent amount of knowledge with ARK, haha. We'll be playing through ALL of the ARK maps in order starting off with this, The Island. The goal of each series is to achieve maximum level and take down the bosses on each map before moving on to the next map! Hope you enjoy folks! ❤👍

  2. I would love to watch this guy but Ive heard 12 year olds with a deeper voice it's to screechy it's just not nice to listen to

  3. They call this a survival game? The guy didn't move from the same spot in 15 minutes, killed couple of extremely weak animals, hit couple of trees, rocks, and his inventory is full of shit and he is building a house. Okay…

  4. @PythonGB u have played 7 seasons but u didn't learn most of it still?? Come on I had the game for 3 hours and learned everything XD

  5. Here is a tip get the torch and atacck the dodo the is what I do and I had to get reveng for my dinsor Toby a nuther monster killed him beind my behined my back when I was killing dodo so I started to get my torch and kill the monster R.I.P Toby.

  6. i once stole an egg and this fricking humongous birb kept on circling around my house the entire time and that was the last time i ever played-


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