The Avast Secure Browser


This will guide you through the installation of this upgraded Browser from Avast. You can download the browser from here:



  1. yeppp. I like it. i use it since it got out. it was called avast safezone. it always been better than Crome, firefox, Edge and explorer.

  2. im using avast rn and its sooo good! you can download videos mp4 or mp3 DIRECTLY from youtube, its free AND theres no ads for all your youtube videos! i honestly cant remember the last time ive had to skip an ad bc of ad block. i suggest you download it because its basically chrome but better 😀

  3. Seems like a good enough browser. No probs with it so far. Not being tech-minded I have no idea whether it's doing a secure job or not. So I have to trust it. I don't use and have never liked Avast AV.

  4. My question is if I already have the latest FREE version of avast antivirus installed, are they simply going to offer this the next time avast updates, or do we have no choice but to download safe browser separately? Whoever is narrating this video sounds like Stan Lee !


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